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Derotech Socket Fusion Set OD75-110mm Digital Display ZRJQ-110T

Model: ZRJQ-110T
Brand: Derotech

Product Details

Derotech Socket Fusion Set OD75 – 110mm Digital Display ZRJQ-110T


  • Socket Fusion Tools
  • These series of plastic pipe socket fusion tools are new types of hand-held electronic & thermostatical tools for heating and joining plastic pipes & fittings including PPR, PB and HDPE with aluminium sockets and spigots.
  • For support on the building site or in workshop.
  • The tools are composed of quality electric heating plate, electric controller, comfortable nylon plastic handle shell.
  • These are 2 series with different size and operation for meeting different customer's requirement.
  • RJQ series are based on the standard and regular hand held socket welder with a new controller for over heat protection and easy operation.
  • Digital series of ZRJQ models add a digital controller and screen for improving the accuracy of the heating temperature. The temperature range can seat as demand of different plastic pipe & fittings, required fusing temperature can fix and display on the screen, environment temperature will be adjusted and updated automatically, over-temperature will be alarmed automatically and etc. This provides a more excellent fusing result.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 pc machine;
  • 1 pc metal case;
  • 2 pcs bolts;
  • 1 pc reinforced wrench;
  • 1 pc hex key wrench;
  • 1 pc reinforced handle;
  • 1 pc underpin rack;
  • 1 pc table-board clamp.


  • Rated Voltage: 220/230V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Rated Power: 1200W
  • Working Temperature: 260°C
  • Environment Temperature: -5°C + 45°C
  • Suitable sockets of machine: OD 75, 90, 110
  • Net Weight of Machine: 2.0Kg
  • Overall Dimension: 370 x 50 x 150 mm
  • Suitable for: PE, PB, PP-R Pipe Material

Application and Feature

  • Suitable for socket welding pipes and fitting made of PE or PP, PB.
  • preprogrammed welding parameter enables to choose the heating time by inputting out diameter of pipe to be welded.
  • Socket fusion is the oldest and most economical method of fusing. Socket fusion is used for gas, plumbing, water, wastewater, industrial piping, mining and oil patch applications.
  • The structure design complies DVS2208.


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