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Davco Sanitized Coloured Grout Eco CFG 2 Kg

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Model: CFG
Brand: DAVCO

Product Details

Davco Sanitized® Coloured Grout ECO (CFG) is an environmentally friendly, premium grade, cementitious tile grout that is approved by the Eco-labelling authority in Singapore as a sustainable building material.

Davco Sanitized® Coloured Grout ECO (CFG) is designed for use in most type of ceramic tile and natural stone applications. It is specially formulated as a single part waterproofed tile grout for ease of use and produced with specially selected Portland cements, graded aggregate and high quality imported pigments for greater durability.

Davco Sanitized® Coloured Grout ECO (CFG) has excellent resistance to a broad spectrum of fungal, algae and bacteriological degradation as well as good stain, water and chemical resistant properties.


  • Available in wide range of colours to fill joints between tiles and stones.
  • Use unsanded for joints between 1 - 4mm. Use sanded for joint above 4mm.
  • Used in intended hygienic conditions such as hospitals, kitchens, food preparation areas.
  • Used in wet areas like swimming pools and spas.
  • Used in general applications of superior performance, eg.external walkways and trafficable areas.


  • Pigments within the grout are evenly and totally dispersed.
  • Colourfast and ultra-violet (U.V) resistant.
  • Reduces water absorption through tile joints.
  • Improve stain and oil resistant


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