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Dataq Instrument 8-channel Isolated High Voltage Ethernet Data Acquisition System DI-4730
Dataq Instrument 8-channel Isolated High Voltage Ethernet Data Acquisition System DI-4730
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DataQ Instrument 8-channel Isolated High Voltage Ethernet Data Acquisition System DI-4730

The DI-4730 is the next-generation of our very popular DI-730 series. The two are functionally identical except that the DI-4730 supports both ChannelStretch™ channel expansion and stand-alone data logging to a removable USB flash drive (unlock code required). Suitable for a wide range of analog and discrete measurements, the DI-4730, in tandem with the included WinDaq software, allows real time data acquisition, playback, and analysis performance that covers an incredibly broad array of applications in both laboratory and industrial settings. With all eleven scan list items enabled (8 analog channels, one each counter and rate, and all discrete input ports in the remaining position) a total sample throughput rate of 220 kHz is supported.

Eight analog input channels provide differential measurement flexibility and programmable ranges per channel of ±10mV, ±100mV, ±1V, ±10V, ±100, and ±1000 V full scale. The front end feeds a variable resolution analog-to-digital converter that ranges from 12 to 16 bits as a function of sampling rate. Lower sampling rates deliver higher resolution readings. Rounding off the analog subsystem are low-pass filters per channel with automatic corner frequency selection as a function of sampling rate. All these features combine to provide pure data acquisition power at an unmatched price point.

The DI-4730 provides 7 digital inputs with protection to 25 V. Two ports allow dual functionality as discrete inputs, or can be programmed as a counter or rate input respectively. The rate input features a 50 kHz maximum measurement, allocated over twelve programmable measurement ranges (10 Hz to 50 kHz full scale.) The counter input provides 16-bit resolution and a terminal count value of 65,535. The discrete, counter, and rate inputs are members of the same internal scan list used by the analog input channels. This means that all enabled elements are acquired synchronously, which allows meaningful comparisons between analog and digital channels. For example, the rate input measuring engine speed allows rpm data to be acquired in lock-step with analog data.

A USB drive is used to record data in stand-alone mode. The DI-4730 can record continuously using a circular buffer with pre-defined trigger conditions or a record-until-full approach supporting remote start/stop. A push button allows manual start/stop control over the recording process. With a flash memory card incorporating SLC technology, throughput rates up to 160 kHz can be achieved. That rate drops to 50 kHz when using pSLC card, and 20 kHz using a flash memory card incorporating MLC. The included WinDaq data acquisition software makes configuring the DI-4730 for stand-alone operation quick and intuitive. Alternatively, use WinDaq to set up channels and create a reference file. That reference file can then be copied to the USB drive and used for quick setup.

Model DI-4730 is provided with comprehensive software support. For point-and-click, ready-to-run applications the DI-4730 is supplied with our popular WinDaq software. WinDaq allows a real time display of any combination of analog channels, and the ability to stream acquired data to disk in recorder-like fashion, even at the fastest rate supported by the hardware. This is true streaming performance, continuous, without gaps, and simultaneously to both the real time display and disk. Record only a few readings, or as many as 4 GB. The DI-4730 reserves two digital inputs for WinDaq software that are dedicated for remote stop/start and remote event operations. WinDaq also includes software to review recorded data files, including waveform analysis and data file export to Microsoft Excel and other applications. Custom programming the DI-4730 is supported by a fully published and supported protocol document.


  • Measurement range of ±10mV to ±1000VDC (or peak AC) over six ranges - ±1000V, ±100V, ±10V, ±1V, ±100mV, ±10mV full scale
  • Stand-alone capability to USB thumb drive (WinDaq/Pro Unlock Code required to record all channels to USB thumb drive - See Accessories)*
  • Up to 160,000 Hz Sample Throughput Rate using WinDaq Acquisition software
  • Up to 160,000 Hz Sample Throughput Rate in stand-alone mode using high speed microSD card
  • 12 to 16-bit analog-to-digital resolution
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