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Corsmart Resin & Activator Csra

Model: CRA0500
Brand: CorSmart

Product Details

CorSmart Resin & Activator CSRA


  • Easy to mix and apply with 1:1 mixing ratio
  • High adhesion & compressive strength
  • Cures at room temperature (23 °C- 25 °C)
  • Excellent bonding to all rigid substrates
  • Applicable on dry and wet surfaces
  • Bonds to: Galvanized Steel, Copper, Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Concrete, Polyethylene, FRP/GRE


  • Corrosion protection coating for pipes, storage tanks, vessels, secondary containment areas, pumps, valves etc
  • Wet lay up of SealXtreme Uncoated fiberglass tape or SealXtreme Carbon fiber repair tape for Composite Pipe repair and Reinforcement applications
  • Applied with CorSmart Chopped Strand Mat, CorSmart Surface Tissue for reinforcement, bonding and lamination on any surfaces

Key Technical Data:


  • CorSmart Resin & Activator 500G (CRA0500)
  • CorSmart Resin & Activator 5000G (CRA5000)


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