Copper Foil Tape X 30m
Product Description


Product Description

40 micron thick Copper Foil coated with heatproof acrylic adhesive to produce a Copper Foil adhesive tape not more than 70 micron in total thickness. The combination of Copper Foil and Acrylic Adhesive results in a tape that is able to withstand elevated temperature with no change in the physical properties of the tape.

We can slit to ANY width

Used in Shielding for noise of electronic components
- Used in Grounding of static charge draining
- Used in Shielding of EMI, Connecting of electronics
- Used for the Support of the Heat Thermal Sheet

Physical Properties and Performance Data
Backing : Copper Foil (Purity 99.9%)
Adhesive : Acrylic adhesive
Colour : Natural Colour
Backing Thickness : 0.035 / 0.040mm +- 5%
Total Tape Thickness : 0.065mm / 0.07mm +-10%
Maximum Width : 630mm
Available Length : 30m
Tolerance of cutting width : +-0.5mm
Adhesion strength : 700g/25mm
Temperature : 130 deg C
Elongation : 76%

Test Method
KS T 1028A and internal testing methods

S$ 9.00 – S$ 75.00
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S$ 9.63 - S$ 80.25
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