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Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Funnel With Detachable Strainer

Model: HPM-0111
Brand: OEM

Product Details

FOR EASIER, SAFER POURING: Are you tired of frustrating funnels that don’t stay put? Do you struggle pouring hot coffee or oil into narrow-necked containers? Strain and pour everything from dry ingredients to hot liquids while keeping safe with this advanced long-necked funnel.
FINALLY—A FUNNEL THAT STAYS STILL: The 2.26"-long stem rests securely inside bottle necks, with an embedded trickle groove to allow for more airflow and maintain a steady flow that other kitchen funnels envy.
PREMIUM, PROTECTIVE RING-HANDLE: Hot oil on your hands is not a good look, and sometimes straining ingredients can get messy. Keep your hands safe and beautiful when pouring hot or splattering liquids. Can also be used as a hanging loop.
SAVE TIME WITH DETACHABLE STRAINER: For wet or dry pouring. When storing homemade broths, sauces, oils or herbal infusions, skip a couple steps by using this stainless steel funnel for straining and pouring… all in one step.


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SGD 12.90

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