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Cat Pumps 15 Frame Plunger Reverse Osmosis Pump
Cat Pumps 15 Frame Plunger Reverse Osmosis Pump
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This is a triplex [three plunger rods] positive displacement, reciprocating, plunger pump, constructed of 316SS manifold, 316SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR [Buna-N] seals and o-rings. These higher capacity plunger pumps are suitable for multi-gun and multi-nozzle, high pressure systems. and pumping special liquids such as DI water and salt water.

Technical Specifications:

Max Flow: 10 gpm / 37.9 lpm

Max Pressure: 2200

Inlet Port: Size3/4" NPT(F)

Discharge Port Size1/2" NPT(F)

RPM: 958

Drive Type(s): Belt, Clutch

Material316 Stainless Steel

Inlet Pressure v Water Temperature Vaporization and Caviation Analaysis


With ambient temperatures, piston pumps can handle a maximum negative suction of -8.5 psi (20 feet of water) and plunger pumps can handle a maximum negative suction -5 psi (11.5 feet of water). As the temperature of the water increases, the vapor pressure (pressure required to remain liquid) also increases. By increasing the inlet pressure to the pump, you can minimize the increased risk of cavitation. To achieve the recommended inlet pressures with elevated temperatures, it is often necessary to use a booster pump. The booster pump should be approximately twice the system capacity to assure adequate flow into the pump. See chart on front page. REDUCTION IN RPM In addition to increasing the inlet pressure to the pump as temperature increases, reducing the pump rpm will also offer added protection. Reducing the rpm reduces the acceleration and vaporization of the water. Lower rpm reduces the risk of cavitation and its damaging effects. See chart on front for recommended rpm.


If more than 5-6 feet from the pump or long feed lines or a booster pump or high temperature are present, an inlet stabilizer should be installed to stabilize inlet pressure. Note: An inlet stabilizer will not function with a negative suction inlet. INCREASED LINE SIZE It is always important to have the inlet supply line sized to match or be one size larger than the pump inlet port for optimum performance, but it is most critical when the pumped liquid is at elevated temperatures. Under sizing the line will only compound the problems of high temperature vaporization. See individual pump data sheet.


The optimum installation for ambient temperature water requires a properly sized baffled supply tank. The tank should be enclosed and 6-10 times the system capacity with at least two baffles.

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