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Carton Box

Model: NCB
Brand: GHS

Product Details

Carton Boxes (Double Wall)

Great for moving, packing and storage purposes.

Internal Dimensions Avaliable:-

1) Medium: Length 48cm (19inch) x Width 32cm (13inch) x Height 32cm (13inch)
2) Large: Length 56cm (22inch) x Width 38cm (15inch) x Height 35cm (14inch)
3) X-Large: Length 50cm (19.5inch) x Width 40cm (15.5inch) x Height 50cm (19.5inch)
4) XX-Large: Length 80cm (31inch) x Width 60cm (23.5inch) x Height 40cm (15.5inch)
5) Jumbo: Length 66cm (26inch) x Width 66cm (26inch) x Height 86cm (34inch)

Medium: Boxes are suitable for packing small, fragile, or heavy items.
Large: Boxes are suitable for office and home moving, fits 9-11 archfiles.
X-Large: Boxes are great for home moving, for bulky, lightweight items.
Jumbo: Boxes are suitable for overseas moving and shipping.


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