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Canon Arc Calculator 12 Digits AS-120

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Model: AS-120
Brand: Canon

Product Details

Canon ARC Calculator 12 Digits AS-120

This 12-digit mini-desktop calculator features the arc design enabling it to suite all professional offices. Other features include dual power functions, angled display and a stylish dark grey finish.


  • Large angled LCD display: Thanks to its arc design, this 12-digit calculator has a large angled LCD display, so you can easily read all numbers at a glance, in various light conditions. The user friendly layout - with a clear keyboard and big colour-coded keys - ensures easy and error-free entry of figures
  • Smart and professional style: This compact and lightweight dark grey calculator has a smart and professional look. It's designed to fit neatly on your desk or shelf
  • Sustainable design: As well as its ergonomic styling, this model offers a reduced environmental impact, an important consideration for all organisations and individuals today. Some of its plastic components are manufactured from recycled materials taken from Canon product
  • Energy efficient: Whatever the light conditions, this dual, solar and battery powered calculator never lets you down. The 'auto power-off' function switches the calculator off when not in use for around 7 minutes, to save energy


  • 12-digit Mini-desktop calculator
  • Professional arc shape body
  • Upper and lower case made from Canon recycled material
  • Mark up (MU), Reverse (RV) , Grand Total (GT) calculations
  • Dual Power (Solar & Battery)
  • Large angled display


  • Brand: Canon
  • Product Type: Calculator
  • Type: Mini Desktop
  • Digits: 12
  • Display Screen Size: 72.8 x 22.3 mm
  • Display Character Size: 18 x 4.6 mm
  • Calculation Command Sign Display: Yes
  • Constant Calculation: Yes
  • Grand Total: Yes
  • Key Roll-Over: Yes
  • Change Function: Sign change
  • Button Material: Plastic
  • Reverse (RV) Key: Yes
  • Shift key: Yes
  • Square Root: Yes
  • GT Key: Yes
  • Sign Change Key: Yes
  • Total Key: Yes
  • Auto-power Off: Yes
  • Memory: Yes (M+, M-, RM/CM)
  • Power Source: Dual power
  • Length: 14.5 cm
  • Width: 10 cm
  • Height: 33.5 cm
  • Weight: 0.1 Kg


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