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Brymen Professional Digital Multimeter BM869s

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Model: BM869s
Brand: Brymen

Product Details

BM869s Brymen Professional Digital Multimeter

The BM869s is an extremely high performing industrial digital multimeter designed to solve complex electronics, power distribution, plant automation and electro-mechanical equipment.

The Brymen BM869s, like all other quality Brymen digital multimeter, has a very great build, a durable case and a rubber holster.


The Brymen 869s comes bundled with:

  • 2x Test leads
  • User manual (in English)
  • K-type thermocouple

Features & Specifications

  • Dual 5 4/5-digit, backlit display — high resolution 5 4/5-digit display and it can measure to 500,000 counts.
  • Beep-Jack™ – beeps against improper terminal plug in. Helps decrease risk of damage
  • VFD V & Hz – Variable Frequency Drives measures fundamental voltage and frequency of most variable frequency drives
  • CREST 1ms – to capture instanteous peaks
  • REC – 50ms recording MAX, MIN, MAX-MIN & AVG
  • X-Speed Capacitance – measures up to 25mF only in few seconds, 1kV protection
  • 4-20mA – Process control loop current reading
  • T1 , T2 – two channel temperature measurement
  • Size – 8.2″ (208mm) x 4″ (103mm) x 2.5″ (64mm)
  • Weight – 635g ( 1.4lbs )
  • AC/DC voltage – 500mV to 1000V
  • AC/DC current – 500µA to 10A
  • Measurement Range – Capacitance 25mF, Conductance 99nS, Frequency (logic) 500kHz, Frequency 100kHz, Temperature T1,T2 -50~1000°C
  • Special Functions – AVG, Crest 1ms, Filter, HOLD, MAX, MIN, REL
  • Overload Protection – 1000V CAT-IV Safety rating
  • Surge Protection – 1200V
  • True RMS – AC, AC+DC
  • USB interface
  • 0.02% DC accuracy

Additional Information

LCD Display

The LCD display is bright, has good contrast and easy to read from a distance. The display is able to withstand the force and pressure of fingers pressing down on it. It is also shock-proof up to 1.5 meters. It has an good backlight that evenly lights up the display. The backlight turns off after every few seconds to conserve battery life.

Another thing about the LCD display is that it has a sampling/refresh rate of 5 times per second in 500,000 count mode. It has a super responsive bar graph that refreshes up to 60 times per second, making the fastest and most minor fluctuation instantly visible. It very useful when detecting for ripple issues.

Ergonomic Design

The BM869s has an ergonomic streamline design, the multimeter is slimmer in the center which allows for a natural and comfortable grip. The rubber holster has a great rubbery texture unlike other cheap feeling PVC plastic holsters that may "melt" and get sticky over time.

Its protective rubber holster helps to withstand shock on all four corners if it is dropped. The rubber holster also has holders for test probe storage. You can wrap the wires 3 times around the multimeter and tuck the test leads into the holders when no longer in use. The holster is also replaceable and washable.

BM869 vs BM869s

The BM869s is the upgraded model of BM869 to meet the requirements of the latest 61010-1 3rd Edition. All of their functions, ranges & features are maintained the same. Only their input protection circuits are with slight difference.


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