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Brymen Practical True-rms Digital Multimeter BM257s

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Model: BM257s
Brand: Brymen

Product Details

Brymen Practical True-RMS Digital Multimeter (Taiwan)
Model: BM257s

BM250 True RMS practical multimeter series – perfect combination of size and innovative functions! Dedicated for electrician, industry and maintenance. Egronomical stramline design allows to one-hand operate.High speed sampling: LCD (5 x/s) and bargraph (40 x/s), clear, big, backlighted LCD for easy viewing in the dark.

Unique features:

AutoCheck™ – automatic selection of LoZ (low imedance) DCV, LoZ ACV & Ohms (BM257)

Beep-Jack™ – beeps against improper terminal plug in (decreases risk of damage)

Ghost Voltage Burster – LoZ drains ghost/strain voltage leaving only hard signals on meter reading

CREST 5ms – to capture instanteous peaks (BM257)

EF-detection – both non-voltage (NCV) and single probe voltage detection for indentifying live lines

- Perfect Combination Of Size & Innovative Functions!
- Ergonomic, Magnetiv Hanger, Probe Holders, Tilt Stand, Battery & Fuses Access Cover... User-Oriented!
- PC-Comm, Bar-Graph, BeepJack, Crest(Peak), Rec(Min Max), Relative, Backlit... Full-Features!
- AutoCheck+LoZ, EF-Detection, Capacitance, Line Level Hz, Temperature... Full-Functions!


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