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Boxo Voltage Tester - 24v (with Indicator Light) SCWT-L24V

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Model: SCWT-L24V
Brand: BOXO

Product Details

Voltage Tester - 24v (with Indicator Light)


  • CONVENIENT - Long Probe with alligator clip Tests fuses, reaches into tight places and pierces through insulation. Test connections, Light Sockets and find short circuits quickly and easily. Detects power shorts and breaks in wires. Tests voltage regulators, fuses, switches, armatures, & distributors.
  • HIGH QUALITY - 24 V. DC automotive and small equipment electrical systems for open, grounded or short circuits. Quickly check car headlights, taillights, turn signals, faulty sockets, connections, fuses, broken wires and more.
  • DURABLE - Sharp steel probe reaches into fuse boxes or pierces insulation to contact wire so you can keep your hands safe from any harmful material. The light bulb in the handle is self-powered and will brightly illuminate to let you know if the circuit is good. The impact resistant handle ensures that the light bulb inside is safe.
  • WIDE RANGE - Extra large 54-inch cord for low voltage system, cars, live wires, fuses and allows for great flexibility, range and freedom when testing circuits for shorts around the house or for big vehicles. Reinforced spring prevents damage to test lead at the base of the handle. The ergonomic, slim design ensures you have a tight and even grip on the handle.

Technical Data:

  • Input Voltage: 6-24V DC
  • Cord Length: 54"
  • Weight: 0.2kg


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