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Bolle Fusion+ Welding Helmet

Model: 1680001A
Brand: Bolle

Product Details

Bolle Fusion+ Welding Helmet

Inspired by the best assets of its predecessors, FUSION+ brings fantastic optical performance and greater comfort to the range. Suitable for all welding, FUSION+ is the very essence of innovation.

EN166: Guaranteed minimum resistance of the protective eyewear against everyday risks including dropping the protective eyewear onto the ground, ageing by light exposure, exposure to heat or corrosion etc.

Standard for Welding: Specifies safety requirements and test methods related to the eye and face protective equipment used for welding and associated techniques. This European standard specifies the requirements and test methods related to the personal protective equipment used to protect the operator's eyes and face against harmful optical radiation and other specific risks due to customary welding or cutting processes or other associated techniques. The standard specifies protection, including ergonomic aspects, against the risks or hazards of various kinds: radiation, inflammability, mechanical and electrical risks. This standard defines the terms used and specifies the requirements related to materials, design and manufacture.


  • Active welding filters automatically darken when electric arc is ignited
  • Provides extra large field of vision (100cm x 53cm)
  • Blocks of the cell to clear state for grinding
  • Fine adjustment and progressive sensibility
  • Auto recovery delay adjustment
  • Variable tint 5-8/9-13
  • Solar powered
  • Low battery indicator and replacement battery
  • Approved to EN166 for impact protection
  • Variable shade lens


  • Brand: Bolle
  • Series: Fusion+
  • Product Type: Welding Helmet
  • Size: 100 x 53 cm
  • Low Battery Indicator: Yes
  • Battery Replaceable: Yes
  • Impact Protection: Yes
  • Certifications: EN166


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