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Bird Spikes

Model: STG-TypeB
Brand: Others

Product Details

STG Bird Spikes - Type B

Conventional type but with more spikes
Each unit is 60cm long, spikes in 5 directions

  • Clear, UV, light resistant plastic base and stainless steel prongs
  • Holes in the base for permanent fixing
  • Allows any model to be attached to a gutter edge or any surface. The unique polycarbonate base of each Rite Spike has notches which allows the product to bend and fit curved surfaces such as window tops or arches. If smaller pieces are required the base can be easily snapped at any joint. The holes in the base allow the product to be screwed or nailed to the surface. Can use super glue or double sided tape.
  • Each unit is 60cm in length
  • Each row got 5 prongs pointing in 5 directions, centre prong from tip to base is 12.5cm in height
  • Total 15 rows, each row got 5 prongs, so total 75 prongs for 1 unit
  • Each prong can be adjusted in pointing to different directions, to adapt to different environment or space 
S$ 14.00
1 ~ 49-
50 ~ 9910%
100 ++20%

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