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Biogrease Marlin-9s Food Grade Grease H1 for Rubber and Plastics (100gm)

Brand: OEM

Product Details

Product Description

BGI MARLIN 9S Food Grade Grease H1 is manufactured using premium silicone base and superior high quality additives approved by NSF & HALAL. BGI MARLIN 9S is NSF H1 registered for incidental food contact. It has high dielectric strength, excellent lubricity, inertness to virtually all rubber and plastic surfaces and effectiveness in insulating against corrosion and moisture.

Product Application

BGI MARLIN 9S is suitable for all food processing equipment operated under dry and wet condition and for lubricating O‐rings, gaskets, valves and seals as well as surfaces that require excellent lubricating properties over long periods without drying out. Operates effectively in between temperature at -38°C to 204°C (-36.4°F to 399°F).


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