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Bess Night Adult Diaper 10 Pieces

Model: Night Adult Diaper
Brand: Lifeline

Product Details

Bess Night Adult Diaper 10 Pieces

BESS Night adult diapers is a product of extensive research that serves to provide exceptional value to all users and caregivers. Designed for the needs of the heavy to severe incontinent patient offering utmost leakage protection. BESS Night diapers enable user and caregiver better sleep through the night.

Soft breathable material for comfort

  • Cloth like breathable material for maximum comfort through the night
  • Unique embossed design absorbs liquid quickly and evenly, keeping user comfortable
  • Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) to keep liquid away from skin for ultimate dryness & skin health
  • Fragrance & chlorine free/non allergenic

Secure fit

  • Elastic waterproof leak guards effectively prevents side leakage
  • Elastic waist bands for snug fit
  • Refasten-able Velcro tape tabs for repeated adjustments

Prominent wetness indicator

  • Dark coloured indicator disappears when wet


  • Brand: Bess
  • Product Type: Night Adult Diaper
  • Colour: White/Blue
  • Number in Package: 10 Pieces/Bag

Available Size:

  • Medium: 80 cm - 105 cm (31" - 41")
  • Large: 115 cm - 140 cm (45" - 55")


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