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Automotive Window Solar Film

Model: U70B
Brand: OEM

Product Details

Designed to insulate infrared and ultraviolet rays. Technical patents obtained in more than 40 countries around the world. USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore.

UPF-1958 Approved by stringent evaluation and classification of AS/NZS 4399-2017

5 Core Technology :

  • Shatter resistant 
  • 100% UV wavelength blocking (UVA,UVB, UVC)
  • Non-decaying insulation material
  • Low reflection , low haze 
  • Metal free, no interference to phone signal

Suitable for the following :

  • all kinds of automobile
  • yacht
  • ferry
  • cruise

Available Series:

  • U70B
  • U45B
  • U30B
  • U10B


  • Over than 40 global and EU patents
  • No Formaldehyde release certification


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SGD 5,000.00
(exc. GST)
SGD 5,350.00
(inc. GST)
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