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AquaPuri 532
AquaPuri 532
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Aquapuri 532 produces Type I water from Type II water. The tank-less integrated WPS saves space and time. You can also experience superior productivity as up to 120 L/h. 
The intuitive touch LCD enables easy control and check of the water quality and selectivity of water grade. You can also check the filter lifetime by its color change to avoid instrument downtime.


Innovative technology

- The tank-less integrated WPS 
- Faster WPS 
: The product water is directly come from the system
- The superior productivity at 120 L/h of TypeⅠgrade water 
- Guaranteed water quality according to ASTM D1193-91, ISO(3696), CLSI-CLRW, JIS K0557, USP and EP 

Guaranteed Water Quality

- TOC < 5ppb : Organic carbon removal* 
- Endotoxin <0.001 EU/ml : Completed removal of microbial contaminants and for life science analysis ** 
- Concentration of heavy metals and other inorganic elements <1ppb for trace level analysis* 
*UV, VF model, **UF, VF model

Intuitive LCD UI

- Status check and control at a glance by intuitive UI 
- Filter life-time check for pre-maintenance 
- Easy to choose water grade

Tool-Free Maintenance

- Simple use of dispenser 
- Tool-free maintenance for easy replacement of filters without any additional tool
- Magnetic door

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