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Accsafe P50 Safety Harness

Model: G1ACAB15001

Product Details

AccSafe P50 Safety Harness with both anchorage at front with 2 loop and back D-ring

Work Position Belt, EN 361, EN 358, premium made in Europe

Fall Protection

When it comes to keeping yourself and your workers safe on the job site, it’s important to use the best products in the industry. Many people rely on fall protection harnesses, lifelines, and other fall restraints to keep them safe
during a day’s work. Certified Slings & Supply® carries the world’s most trusted fall protection devices, so that you can feel confident when things get dangerous. We have tested and personally used hundreds of different brands and types of fall protection equipment and have hand chosen the few that meet our strict standards.

Not every job requires the same types of fall protection. Some require extensive harnesses, lifelines, netting, shock absorbing lanyards, anchors and more, while others may call for something much simpler. we have compiled a complete array of fall safety equipment suited for nearly any situation. Whether you’re hanging from a tower or the roof of your home, we have the products for you.


Not all fall protection harnesses are created equal. We have gone through years of research and testing to find the harnesses with proven durability and unmatched quality. Our safety harnesses range from full body harnesses, workseats, to body belts. Our Online fall protection store displays out full list of harnesses, so that you can decide which is right for you.

Fall Protection Equipment Inspections

OSHA requires all fall protection equipment to be inspected. It goes without saying that anything fall protection related should be inspected regularly for wear and mechanical failures. Over time, harnesses and lifelines can fray, come unstitched or tear if not cared for properly. This puts anyone using them in extreme danger. Certified Slings & Supply® is a certified rigging inspection company that can thoroughly scan, test and diagnose your rigging and fall protection equipment. If you are unsure about the state of your gear,

Fall Safety Seminars

Certified Slings & Supply® offers courses that helps workers understand the importance of fall protection safety. Our staff members explain and demonstrate different fall restraint and fall arrest products to teach the proper tactics. Fall protection relies heavily on knowing the correct ways to use anchors, connectors, lanyards, harnesses, lifelines, and other devices. We go deep into the safety standards and application of each product, so that when the time comes, you and your team will be ready for anything.

Fall protection devices are likely the most important pieces of equipment at the job site.


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