A-POLYSYS Polyurethane Chemical
A-POLYSYS Polyurethane Chemical
Product Description

A-POLYSYS is our fully equipped system house based in the ASEAN region to tailor polyurethane systems based on the requirements of the customer. As a systems house, we specialize in putting this versatility to work for customers. Our strong point is the development and customization of an innovative blended PU system. Our system house blends polyols used to produce polyurethane systems for Rigid applications under RigiChem series with excellent mechanical properties, dimensional stability characteristics, and low thermal conductivity. Rigid polyurethane foam (PUF) is one of the most efficient, high-performance insulation materials, enabling very effective energy savings with the minimum occupation of space.

RigiChemproducts are fully formulated polyol blends combining all raw materials, auxiliaries, and flame retardants which are necessary for perfect polyurethane foam in the industry. With RigiChem series, the foam transforms immediately into a jointless insulation layer. Simply pour the liquid polyurethane foam between the tank wall or pipe and the metal cover, on-site – and the in-situ. PUR foam for thermal insulation will foam up to fill the cavity, where it then hardens to become a solid insulation material. This effect is produced by the chemical reaction between the polyol mix and isocyanate. It is also particularly non-flammable and is CFC-free. Because RigiChem bonds so well to the metal cover.


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Even distribution on almost every surface
  • Great form stability
  • A broad range of application
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Outstanding Dimensional stability
  • High heat stability when subjected to extremely high temperatures
  • Low water absorption
  • Energy saving in the transport of hot and cold media
  • Cured polyurethane is non-toxic and odorless

Rigichem R01A (Part A) 5KG

Rigichem R01A (Blended Polyol for Manual) is a Non-CFC pre-blended polyurethane foam system especially for the production of pour-in-situ applications. This system gives great results even if it's hand-mixed. Better reactivity system for site pouring and pour in situ application. It is characterized by excellent foam dimensional stability, low thermal conductivity, and flowability giving rise to a uniform density distribution with densities ranging from 35 kg/m3 to 90 kg/m3.

Rigichem R02A (Part A) 5KG

RigiChem R02A (Polyol Blend for Machine) is a Non-CFC pre-blended polyurethane foam system suited specifically for the production of pre-insulated pipes and panels. It is a low thermal conductivity foam designed to be used to transfer hot and cold liquid. It is a high compressive strength foam with densities ranging from 40 kg/m3 to 90 kg/m3.

Rigichem RB (Part B) 5KG
RigiChem RB (Isocyanate) is part B for R01A and R02A.

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