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3-OneECO Pro-Kleen 302 200L
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3-OneECO Pro-Kleen 302 200L


Pro - Kleen 302 is a Specially blend Water-Based degreaser with excellent cleaning properties, The remarkable cleaning power of Pro - Kleen 302 against organic soil means that it can often replace solvents or a solvent based cleaner.


Pro - Kleen 302 is a heavy duty degreaser that is effective against oil, grease and other difficult soils. The major advantages of Pro - Kleen 302 lies in its cleaning performance and versatility. Ideal for cleaning cargo tanks, ballast tanks, engine room walls etc.

Manual cleaning

Pro - Kleen 302 can be used concentrated or diluted depending on the soils conditions. It may be applied by rug, brush or scrub and follow with water rinse.

Spray Cleaning

Pro - Kleen 302 can be applied neat or diluted with 2-10% of water on oil/grease surfaces. Spray the solution at low pressure on the soil surface and allow 5-15 minutes before rinsing off with water.

Immersion Cleaning

Ÿ Heavily soiled parts: Use neat or mix 1 part Pro - Kleen 302 with 1 part water. Agitation will accelerate cleaning. Soak as needed then rinse with water.

Ÿ Light duty cleaning: Mix the product with 2-10 parts water and soak for 5 minutes or as needed. Rinse with water.


Ÿ Fat & grease remover

Ÿ Safe & effective for Tank cleaning.

Ÿ Removes soils from painted and unpainted surfaces.

Ÿ Suitable for manual, spray wash or immersion.

Ÿ Formulated to be Very cost effective

Ÿ No flash point.

Ÿ Biodegradable.

Ÿ Good anti redepositing capacity


Appearance : Clear Green liquid
Odour : Mild Fragrance
Boiling Point : 100 deg C
Specific Gravity : Approx. 0.99
Flash Point : None
Evaporation Rate : Less than 1.0
Solubility in Water : Emulsifies


Use with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Before using Pro - Kleen 302, always read precaution and handling procedures as prescribed on container label.

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