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Face Protection products

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Top Brands for Face Protection
S$ 800.00
Kangdefu Medical Grade Surgical Mask Earloop - 2000pcs Per Carton
S$ 69.55
Auto Darken Welding Head Shield
S$ 58.85
Accsafe Fire Fighter Hood, 138212
S$ 50.00
Bullard Sentinel 2 Crown and Chin Protection
S$ 50.00
3M 82501 Safety Ratchet Headgear and 82701 Face Shield
S$ 36.30
Elvex Clear Molded Lexan Face Shield With Chin Protector FS-18L-CP
S$ 29.88
Pyrovatex Fire Retardant Frc Hood, [FRC]
S$ 28.00
Bullard 100g Aluminum Faceshield Bracket
Bulk Discount
S$ 26.60S$ 28.00
3 Ply Face Mask
S$ 27.50
Uvex Silv - Air Mask
S$ 25.00
Sterile Medical Grade Surgical Mask
Bulk Discount
S$ 21.85S$ 23.00
3 Ply Surgical Mask
S$ 22.00
Disposable 3PLY FACE MASK (50pcs/pack)
S$ 21.60
Centurion Face Screen Carrier S54CE
S$ 19.20
Centurion Polycarbonate Screen (clear) 225MM S590
S$ 18.70
Elvex Clear Acetate Polycarbonate Faceshield FS-15ACE
S$ 18.70
Elvex Polycarbonate Face Shield FS-16PC
S$ 18.00
Jfy Refill Face Mask P31 20/box
S$ 16.56
Msa Visor V-GARD Pc Clear 7.5"X17"X0.06" 1011783
S$ 15.00
Medical Grade Face Mask
S$ 13.50
Blue Eagle Impact Resistant Visor / Face Shield With Chin Guard With Headgear Mount
S$ 13.20
Elvex Clear Polycarbonate Molded Face Shield 8inch X 12inch FS-12PC
S$ 13.20
Quebee Safety Quebee Safety Clear Goggle W/ANTI-FOG QB-GH5100-CLR-AF
S$ 12.24
Msa Clear Polycarbonate Visor 8” X 17” X 0.04” 10115836
S$ 12.00
3 Layers Face Mask - Blue - Premium Grade
S$ 11.40
Face Shield FCM8
S$ 11.20
Msa Clear Polycarbonate Visor 8” X 17” X 0.04”
S$ 10.20
Blue Eagle Welding Head Shield 633P
S$ 9.65
Yamamoto Headshield C/w Glasses
S$ 9.60
Blue Eagle Welding Face Shield 6PA3
S$ 8.80
Elvex Polycarbonate Face Shield FS-15P
S$ 8.80
Polycarbonate Face Shield Flip Type
S$ 8.40
Mcr Polycarbonate Clear Safety Face Shields 181540
S$ 8.00
Worksafe Kleanlens Cleaning Tissues
S$ 7.50
Welding Face Shield c/w Helmet Liner
S$ 7.20
Accsafe Pvc Faceshield
Bulk Discount
S$ 5.64S$ 7.05
6PA4 Blue Eagle Welding Helmet