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Stationery Tapes products

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Top Brands for Stationery Tapes
S$ 0.18
Nikko Stationery Tape ST-N1225
S$ 0.18
Pull Tight Seal (black Foil Printing of 6 Digits Serial Numbering)
S$ 0.23
Masking Tape
S$ 0.25
Masking Tape
S$ 0.30
Star Insulation Tape IT-S1910R
S$ 0.30
Hibond Double Sided Tape DSCT-H0610
S$ 0.36
Supreme Double Sided Tape 12MM X 10YARDS
S$ 0.39
Star Insulation Tape 19mm X 10Y
S$ 0.40
Star Double Sided Tape 9m
S$ 0.40
Opp Tape Nikko OPP-N4830TE
S$ 0.40
Nikko Insulation Tape IT-N1910BK (ul Listed)
S$ 0.40
Hi-Bond Double Sided Tapes Various Sizes (rolls)
S$ 0.42
Star Insulation Tape 19mm X 10Y Black
S$ 0.42
Hunter Pvc Tape 100 Size : 18mm X 10yards
S$ 0.45
S$ 0.50
Yih Hwa Hand Tearable Stationery Tape 33m
S$ 0.50
Polar Bear Stationery Tape Pp
S$ 0.60
Star Cloth Tape CLT-S2K2407BE
S$ 0.60
Polar Bear Mounting Tape MT-800c/MT-801c/MT-802c
S$ 0.60
3m 500 Transparent Tape
S$ 0.65
Sr Double Sided Tissue Tape
S$ 0.66
HI-BOND Double Sided Tape 12MM X 10M
S$ 0.70
Star Insulation Tape IT-S1910R 19mm X 10Y
S$ 0.70
2" Cloth Tape
S$ 0.70
Cloth Sealing Tape
S$ 0.75
3M 500 Cello tape 12mm X 25m
S$ 0.77
Cloth Tape 2" X 6 Yard
S$ 0.78
3M Scotch Transparent Tape – Refill
S$ 0.80
Stick Cloth Tape CLT-SB2408BE
S$ 0.80
Stick & Bond Cloth Tape
S$ 0.80
Artline Glue-stick Eg
S$ 0.80
Double Side Tape 12mm
S$ 0.80
Stationery Tape 18MM X 36YDS
S$ 0.90
Opp Adhesive Tape
S$ 1.00
Correction Tape - Cover Tape - White - T180(修正带)
S$ 1.10
Polar Bear Opp Tape Clear / Brown
S$ 1.30
Hunter - Masking Tape Yellow, MT 24mm x 20yards