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Medical Supplies & Equipments
General medical disposables, wheelchairs, commodes and other personal care products. We're here to cater the products to keep you in the pink of health.
First Aid Kit MOM Box B
SGD 99.00
Aed Adult Pads & Batteries+th Fees Saver One® Aed Fully Automatic
SGD 2,286.90
First Aid Kit MOM Box A
SGD 79.00
Alcare First Aid Box Content a (mom) or Refill Set
SGD 72.90
First Aid Box Type A
SGD 70.00
Medical First Aid Canvas Pouch
SGD 35.00
Yukiban Tape / Surgical Tape / Diabetes Care / Dialysis Tape With Stratagel Technology for Sensitive Skin (20boxes / Carton)
SGD 500.00
3-ply Disposable Face Mask (blue)
SGD 18.00
Assure Isolation Gown Blue 30g Knitted Cuff 7M034
SGD 3.55
Assure Alcohol Swab Sterile 3cmx3cm,2ply 200's/box 7M00401
SGD 4.21
Kn95 Mask Four-tier Structure
SGD 16.00
Sureseal Pressure Bandage - Self-activating Pressure Bandage / Post-dialysis Wound Dressing Plaster (20boxes / Carton)
SGD 500.00
Exergen Temporalscanner Thermometer - Homecare Model
SGD 125.00
Pharmcare Spray Bio-shield Antimicrobial (500ml)
SGD 19.50
Theraband Resistance Band 1.5m
SGD 9.00
Safety™ Elite Lighted Ear Wax Cleaner
SGD 4.90
Safety™ Whiff Medicine Pump
SGD 4.90
Kare™ Grooming Set
SGD 12.90
Antiseptic Handwash Soap 500ml 抗菌洗手液
SGD 11.80
3-Layer Children Disposable Face Mask 50pcs/box
SGD 15.90
Powder Free Vinyl Glove (box)
SGD 11.00
Antiseptic Hand Sanitiser 500ml
SGD 12.80
Hand Sanitizer (5 Litre) -70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Disinfectant
SGD 39.90
Showa Antibacterial Wet Wipe - 100pcs
SGD 7.80