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Personal Care Products products

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Top Brands for Personal Care Products
S$ 17.60
First Aid Disposable Resusitation Pack
S$ 132.00
Aed Ipad Nf 1200 Adult Pads
S$ 1.68
Graceduty Sterile Eye Pad With Loop
S$ 1.54
First Aid Triangular Bandage
S$ 1.32
First Aid Absorbent Gauze 10's G10
S$ 2.75
Opto-Pharm Sterile Eye Wash (15ml) 5's EY-W
S$ 7.90
Konix Hand Sanitizer Gel, 70% Ethyl Alcohol, 500ml
Bulk Discount
S$ 11.52S$ 12.80
Antiseptic Hand Sanitiser 500ml
S$ 25.00
Byd Mask Kids Blue
Bulk Discount
S$ 25.38S$ 25.90
Thermometer Non-Contact Forehead Infra Red (IR) - Special June 2021
S$ 6.68
Gk-germkiller Gk Hand Sanitizer (water-based) 8885000350995
S$ 19.90
Infrared Thermometer - ** Clearance Sales 2021 **
S$ 1.21
Face Shield
S$ 1.76
First Aid Crepe Bandage (5cm)
S$ 4.56
Ultrasept Antiseptic Solution 100ml
S$ 77.57
Assure Adult Diaper (carton) ASSURE-YMS02-C
Bulk Discount
S$ 2.59S$ 2.88
First Aid Eye Shield With Loop
S$ 1.92
First Aid Crepe Bandage 5cm
S$ 8.39
Showa Antibacterial Wet Wipe - 100pcs
S$ 49.50
Choicemmed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (led Display), MD300C208
S$ 108.00
Wero Smart Box Aquaflex Mix Plaster Dispenser 170227
S$ 31.20
Maxshield Instant Hand Sanitizer 2.5l CDP4952
S$ 76.56
Industrial Wipe (italy) Virgin Pulp 24cm X 525m X 2ply
S$ 6.25
200ml Flip Empty Bottle Shampoo Shower Gel Trial Pack for Travel and Cosmetic
S$ 71.50
Choicemmed Fingertip Pulse Oximeter MD300C22
S$ 2.86
First Aid Crepe Bandage (10cm)
S$ 5.40
Clorox Cleaning Bleach Lemon 4l
S$ 7.80
Supersteam Anti‑bacterial Handsoap Sanitises & Cleans 110 5l
S$ 27.32
Klenco Metered Air Freshener Dispenser
S$ 74.52
Envon Metered Air Freshener
S$ 2.64
St John Ambulance Face Shield Resuscitation
Bulk Discount
S$ 1.94S$ 3.24
Eco Sam Hospital Grade Hand Sanitizer - 60 Ml - 75% Alcohol
S$ 1.92
Labtech Handy Plaster Strip - Waterproof (20strips/box)
S$ 90.00
Envon Disinfectant Spray
S$ 15.40
Hydrofluoric Acid Antidote Gel 15g
S$ 39.90
Hand Sanitizer (5 Litre) -70% Isopropyl Alcohol Based Disinfectant
S$ 330.00
Aed Ipad NF 1200 Lithium Battery Pack