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Kitchen Utensils products

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Top Brands for Kitchen Utensils
S$ 11.13
Sus304 Brushed Stainless Steel Steak & Salad Tongs
S$ 15.75
Redman Stabiliser for BEVERAGE/ICE Cream 500G
S$ 13.83
Ecopack Disposable Plumcake Baking Paper MOLD- P4 200X65X45MM 50PCS
S$ 14.80
Cdn Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer (ruler) (+40°C+200°C)
S$ 1.13
Coffee Filter Bag 328
S$ 17.77
Sunnex Aluminium Tray, 241SX-ABBT1/1, 3.8ltr
S$ 69.90
Tupperware Royale Palte and Bowl in Purple Colour ( Total 16pcs )
S$ 150.00
Kris Double Deck Dish Rack KS8149
S$ 12.40
Glory Rolling Pin Acrylic M/GLORY
S$ 15.10
Wilton Fond Writer Primary Color Markers Fine Tip 609-100
S$ 15.60
Martellato Spoon Plastic Ice Cream
S$ 29.80
Others Ops Film 5CMX150M/R
S$ 14.20
Sanneng Chffon Cake Mold 180X170X90 SN5282
S$ 16.30
Sanneng Chffon Cake Mould 210X195X95MM SN5283
S$ 17.80
Schneider Cutting Board Hdpe Blue
S$ 18.90
Redman Ice Cream Scoop 50MM
S$ 19.10
Sanneng Pan Cake Square SN5133
S$ 19.30
Martellato Silicone Mat Regular Brick Motif 40X20CM
S$ 28.80
Redman Kitchen Scale W S/S Bowl Cream 5KG
S$ 29.60
Sanneng Perf Al Alloy Sht Pan SN1073
S$ 11.90
Mug the Best Is yet to Come
S$ 19.60
Martellato Round Dessert CUP50ML 100PCS
S$ 11.90
Mug the Adventure Begins
S$ 14.10
Redman Rotation Timer Timer 1040
S$ 14.30
Wilton Cutter Set Geometric 417-2590
S$ 15.30
Silikomart Silicon Mold Pillow W Cutter
S$ 15.30
Silikomart Silicon Mold Igloo
S$ 15.50
Schneider Measuring Cup 3L
S$ 15.70
Schneider Grater Star 45X390MM
S$ 15.85
Redman Wafer Roses (m) Assorted
S$ 16.17
Lorann Oil 1 Dram Dropper
S$ 17.80
Wilton Xmas Metal Cutter Set 12PC 2308-3889
S$ 17.80
Wilton Cutter Xmas Holiday 2308-5023
S$ 19.60
Wilton N/S Pan Mini Muffiun 24CAV 03-0-0017
S$ 21.40
Silikomart Silicon Mold Truffles
S$ 22.00
Schneider Long Round Wooden Proofing Basket 500G
S$ 22.90
Silikomart Silicon Mold Fashion Eclaire
S$ 23.20
Wilton Simple Success Cookie Press 2104-2627