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Anti Corrosion Insulation Protection Tape X 10m (outer Wrap) Cable Grade Pe Backing
Anti Corrosion Insulation Protection Tape X 10m (outer Wrap) Cable Grade Pe Backing
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Brand: Furuto
Model : K450
Made in Japan


This is made of cable grade PE Film 0.4mm thickness with 70 deg C temperature resistance. As an outer wrap surface protection tape for both above or underground pipe and facility.
The general straight pipe only need to use this K450 model. Excellent resistance to UV, chemical, salt etc.

We can slit to ANY Width.


100% Air Tight & Water Tight IMMERSION RESISTANCE
▪ Excellent Self-Healing (Self-Amalgamates) properties could be let the overlap gap of adhesive became to Self-Healing within 48 hours.
▪ Excellent Softness can easy apply to any of uneven surface or irregular sections.
▪ Excellent IMMERSION RESISTANCE to stop the Air & Water immersion for long period without failure, as a final solution for the Anti-Corrosion application

Prevent corrosion deterioration, as a Semi-Permanent Anti-Corrosion solution
▪ Did not add any of Asphalt, Bitumen or Tar oil which were rich content of Sulfide (it’s on the contrary to accelerate the corrosion for the steel object).
▪ Excellent Softness, would not be hardening to avoid the Air & Water immersion which caused by the cracking of anti-corrosion material after aging, heating or cooling, vibration from daily operation or earth quake.
▪ FURUTO's Self-Healing (Self-Amalgamates) Anti-Corrosion Tape is a special designed as a long-terms protection solution. (It’s a Semi-Permanent Anti-Corrosion material).

Suitable for any of harsh environment and various industrial use
▪ Special designed for the Petrochemical Industrial's facility (above or underground) in coastal region (= serious corrosion environment).
▪ Premium grade formula of Furuto Butyl Rubber Adhesive is recognized very good chemical and thermal stability, insoluble in ethanol and acetone, the ability of resistant to acid, alkali, animal and vegetable oils, oxygen and ozone. Excellent weather resistance, temperature resistance, insulation properties, suitable for various industrial.
▪ # K-450. backing material is a superior Cable Grade LDPE film, -provide an excellent outdoor UV, Chemical and Salt resistance to protection the object in coastal region for long period without failure (as a final solution for the Anti-Corrosion application)

Easy to use, cold apply , as an Environmental Protection Material
▪ Excellent Self-Healing (Self-Amalgamates) Adhesive unlike other 『Immediate Adhesion type』(which was contents of Hazardous Materials, such like Volatile Solvent, Asphalt, Bitumen, Tar Oil or Plasticizer to let the Adhesive to be very STICKY and easy CRACKING).
▪ Cold apply, easy to use, without bad smell, the special Self-Healing Adhesive is amalgamates to the object only (not in worker’s hand), to protect environment and workers’ health

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