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Sewing Machines products

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SGD 1,588.00
Brother Hello Kitty 3-in-1 Sewing + Embroidery + Quilti...
SGD 19,800.00
Brother 10-needle Embroidery Machine PR1050X
SGD 14,888.00
Brother 6-needles Embroidery Machine PR670E
SGD 6,988.00
Brother Single Needle Embroidery Machine VR
SGD 9,988.00
Brother High-end Home Sewing Machine XV
SGD 3,688.00
Brother Innovis Sewing & Embroidery Machine NV2600
SGD 988.00
Brother Sewing & Embroidery Machine NV95E
SGD 1,187.00
Brother 3-in-1 Sewing + Embroidery + Quilting Machine NV180
SGD 1,588.00
Brother - 3-in-1 Sewing + Embroidery + Quilting Machine...
SGD 2,088.00
Brother Embroidery Machine NV800E
SGD 698.00
Brother Computerised Sewing Machine NV55P
SGD 598.00
Brother Computerised Sewing Machine NV35P
SGD 437.38
Brother Computerised Sewing Machine Compact Light Weigh...
SGD 328.00
Brother Home Sewing Machine GS3700
SGD 228.00
Brother Mechanical Sewing Machine LX27NT
SGD 198.00
Brother Sewing Machine AS2730S
SGD 168.00
Brother Basic Home Sewing Machine JA1450NT
SGD 148.00
Brother Brother Light Weight Sewing Machine for Basic a...
SGD 498.00
Brother Overlocker (2-needles 3/4-threads Overlock Mach...
SGD 1,288.00
Brother High-end Sewing & Quilting Machine + Free 18 Co...
SGD 798.00
Brother Computerised Sewing Machine With Auto-trimmer A150
SGD 598.00
Brother Computerised Sewing Machine A80
SGD 728.00
Brother Scan and Cut Machine CM900
SGD 1,634.00
Brother Pe-design Next PED 10
SGD 788.00
Brother Personal Embroidery Design PED PLUS 2
SGD 865.00
Brother Pe-design 10 Upgrade PED 10 PwP EMB MACH
SGD 394.00
Brother Pe Design Plus2 PED PLUS 2 PwP EMB MACH