SGD - $
Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Hioki 3280-10F Digital Ac Clamp Meter
S$ 90.00
Hioki 3288 Digital Clamp on AC/DC Hitester
S$ 215.00
Kyoritsu 6516 Multi-Function Tester (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 1,640.00
Fluke Intrinsically Safe True Rms Digital Multimeter, 28-II Ex
S$ 2,760.00
Fluke Intrinsically Safe True Rms Digital Multimeter, 28-II Ex
S$ 3,210.00
Hioki 3244-60 Card Hitester
S$ 60.00
Elora Yael Feeler Gauge 188-26M
S$ 31.06
Ingco Chalk Line Reeel 30M + 4OZ Blue Powder 17984HCLR0130
S$ 5.88
Stanley STHT36195 Tape Rule (8m X 1-inch) (30-656) 4715898224037
S$ 15.90
Elora 1523 Vernier Caliper for Brake Discs Measuring Range 60 Mm
S$ 397.01
Stanley With Blue Chalk and Line Level 30M/100FT 47443 1767547443
S$ 10.59
Steel Ruler 6"
S$ 0.81
Extech CO2 Meter Indoor Air Quality EA80
S$ 2,050.10
Cem DT-8880 Hot Wire Anemometer With Usb Interface
S$ 398.00
Bramc BR-SMART-128SE 5-in-1 Air Quality Monitor PM2.5 PM10 Formaldehyde(hcho) CO2 Tvoc
S$ 338.00
AZ77597 Portable Combo Co2 Co Temperature Humidity Logger Monitor
S$ 498.00
BW GasAlertMicroClip XL 4-Gas Detector (H2S,CO,LEL,O2) (rental by Per Week Only)
S$ 84.00
Extech Carbon Monoxide Monitor CO30
S$ 499.06
Indelec Prevectron Early Streamer Emission (ese) Lightning Air Terminal S60
S$ 4,427.50
Handheld 3.5 Inches 4-way Industrial Endoscope Camera
S$ 2,876.00
Thorlabs VIS/IR Detector Card 400 - 640 Nm 800 - 1700 Nm VRC2
S$ 157.21
Seek Thermal Reveal Firepro
S$ 1,400.00
Seek Reveal Thermal Camera
S$ 600.00
Clip-On Telescoping Inspection Mirror W/Led Light
S$ 22.00
Dhc Battery Tester BT1000
S$ 597.60
Test Light Dc Range 6-24V .8M Cable
S$ 4.60
Tietzsch Without Push Button SPB1000B
S$ 379.50
Thorlabs Compact Power and Energy Meter Console, Digital 4" Lcd PM100D
S$ 2,143.26
Rdeer NON-CONTACT Detector Tester Pen RT-D106
S$ 12.00
Visual Fault Locator - Pen Type 30mW 30km Red Light Pen for Universal Connector Adapter, Network, Telecommunications Engineering Maintenance, Fiber Optic Cable Tester Detector Meter
S$ 28.50
Zircon Metalliscanner
S$ 420.00
S$ 49.00
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
S$ 166.75
Vogel Testboy Magnet Field Detector, Non Contact
S$ 108.00
S$ 49.00
Zircon Multiscanner
S$ 126.00
Elora 2445 Electronic Inline Transducer Mtt
S$ 3,400.18
Elora 2447 Fixing Angle
S$ 800.51
Tenmars TM-197 Ac / Dc Magnetic Field Meter Gaussmeter Teslameter Data Logging (0.0~30,000.0G)
S$ 498.00
Elora 2446 Electronic Stationary Transducer 1/4″ Drive
S$ 5,886.23
Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf/elf (tri-mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter Datalogger
S$ 298.00
Extech Rf Emf Strength Meter 8GHZ 480846
S$ 1,618.99
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031 (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 125.00
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031CE (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 145.00
Eaglotest S323N – 3ph Phase Sequence Indicator (phase Rotation Meter)
S$ 157.93
Imrotaro 3.0 Digital Hand Tachometer (contact & Non Contact)
S$ 462.00
Fluke Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator 726
S$ 8,490.00
Kyoritsu Non-contact Safety Phase Indicator 8035 (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 240.00
Thermax Thermal Temperature Strip, Temp Range 71 to +110 Deg C 10strips/pk
S$ 29.41
Cem DT-8865 Professional High Temperature Infrared Thermometer, -50~1000ºc 30:1
S$ 196.00
62 MAX Mini Infrared Thermometer
S$ 185.00
Thermopro TP359 Smart Digital Indoor Hygrometer Thermometer (bluetooth 5.0)
S$ 36.00
Blue Gizmo Big Display Thermo-Hygrometer With Accredited Calibration Certificate
S$ 130.00
Certified Instruments - Digital Thermo-Hygrometer SI-812 With Calibration Certificate
S$ 130.00
Mitutoyo Dial Indicator 5MM/0.01MM 1045SB
S$ 90.00
Spline Micrometer-type a 111-166
S$ 214.50
Mettler-Toledo Bc Weighing Scale With Calibration and Ceritification BCA-222-60u-1301-120
S$ 1,724.71
Sika Digital Pressure Gauges - E2.40
S$ 650.00
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator,513-404-10E
S$ 126.50
Gce Pressure Regulator for Use With Acetylene Gas 705-9305
S$ 251.05
S$ 159.00
Extech Noise Dosimeter Datalog Personal SL400
S$ 1,840.58
Extech Sound Calibrator 407766
S$ 1,091.40
Extech Sound Level Alert Green Housing SL130G
S$ 701.64
Lutron Sound Wind Shield Ball SB-01
S$ 8.00
Vogel Digital Vibration Meter
S$ 2,098.00
Vecom-Water Finder Special
S$ 9.50
Extech Electrode Fluoride Module FL705
S$ 664.13
5M Gastec Detector Tube Sulphur Dioxide, 20 to 3600ppm
S$ 101.08
5H Gastec Detector Tube Sulphur Dioxide, 0.05 to 8%
S$ 101.08
Extech Fluoride Meter Waterproof Exstik FL700
S$ 545.75
174 Gastec Detector Tube 1,3-Butadiene, 50 to 800ppm
S$ 101.08