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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Avolta Btu Portable Aircon 12K PC35-AMK/S
S$ 517.50
Ifan IF7310 Evaporative Air Cooler 8886402317937
S$ 129.00
Aircon Wind Shield 60CM Length Wind Deflector 3 Hp 5 Hp Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioner Anti-Direct Blowing
S$ 19.00
Europace 3-in-1 Portable Aircon Epac 12T3
S$ 489.68
Close Comfort Portable Air Conditioner PC9L-SG
S$ 589.95
Fan Capacitor / Fan 2 Uf / Micro
S$ 1.20
Aluminum Blinds Horizontal
S$ 31.02
Fanco B-STAR Dc Motor Ceiling Fan With 3 Tone Led Light Kit and Remote Control
S$ 189.00
Alaska Ceiling Fan Hyson 46inch 52inch 3Blades Dc Motor 20W Led Tricolour Light
S$ 299.00
Kdk 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 60" (150cm) M60SG
S$ 82.80
Relite Cycle Fan Velocity
S$ 96.00
York Fan Motor YWM15F-AFAC
S$ 31.36
Fanco Galaxy-5 Dc Motor Ceiling Fan With Led Light and Remote 38/48/56 / Living Room
S$ 209.00
Kdk Fan Ceiling Fan 48" M48SG
S$ 79.93
Rosenberg Plastic Wall Fans With Shutter VF-AB10R
S$ 138.47
Booney Electric Wall Fan 18" BWF1845
S$ 64.39
Relite Actionaire Industrial Wall Fan
S$ 230.00
Booney Electric Wall Fan 18" BWF1818
S$ 60.23
Kdk Wall Fan 40CM Metal Blade, M40CS (pull Stwitch)
S$ 133.00
Sona 16" Orbit Cycle Fan Ceiling Mounted Auto Fan SFT1523
S$ 75.79
Lambo 14" Ventilator Blower SHT-35
S$ 228.00
Aiko Ventilation Fan With 5m Flexible Ducting 24" CTF-60D
S$ 900.00
Lambo 10" Ventilator Blower SHT-25
S$ 156.00
Aiko Air Ventilation Fan With 5m Flexible Ducting 12" CTF-30D
S$ 249.60
Nmb Technologies Dc Axial Fan 24V Square 50mm 15mm Sleeve Bearing 10.9 Cfm 05015SS-24N-WA-D0
S$ 8.97
Vistar Blower Fan VST Series
S$ 71.30
Vistar Portable Ventilator Fan 10” Blower 250mm VST-25
S$ 75.90
Vistar Portable Ventilator Fan (blower) 16" 2800rpm VST-40H
S$ 198.00
Technifor M7000EU+FAN+CABLE 75885
S$ 17,679.49
VISTAR Portable Ventilator Fan (blower) 12" 300mm
S$ 76.40