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Bulk Discount
S$ 16.15S$ 19.00
Britz Multi Way Extension Socket / Cord [5 Way 3/6 Metre]
S$ 2.50
Eveready Alkaline Battery "aa"(4pc)
S$ 3.90
Mk Electric 2 Gang 13a Switched Socket Outlet - S2747
Bulk Discount
S$ 15.75S$ 17.50
Macro 4/5/6 Way Universal Extension Power Socket With 3M Cable / Neon Indicator / Safety Shutter / Surge Protection
S$ 2.85
Chint, 1p, 6kA, B Curve / C Curve, Miniature Circuit Breaker (mcb)
S$ 1.32
Ccm Pvc Cable Trunking
Bulk Discount
S$ 22.50S$ 25.00
Dt England Extension Cable Reel 2 Way 6M 10M [DT-9800]
S$ 4.20
Mk Electric 2 Gang/2 Way Wide Rocker Switch - S4782W2
Bulk Discount
S$ 42.00S$ 60.00
Britz Cable Reel 4 Way 30M 50M ( Surge Protector, Auto Thermal Cut Off )
S$ 5.20
Ccm Weatherproof Junction Box - CCM 1025
S$ 31.50
Sony Murata VTC6 18650 3000mAh 15A Lithium Battery
S$ 4.20
Ccm Pvc Cable Trunking 2"X 1" X8 Ft
Bulk Discount
S$ 23.72S$ 27.90
Dt England [6 Way 2 Usb Ports] 3/6 Metre Multi Way Extension Socket / Cord
S$ 1.50
Ccm Pvc Mcb Enclosure Box
S$ 3.19
Led Pilot Lamp Od:22
S$ 26.40
Fuji SC-03 1A (no) Magnetic Contactor AC230V
S$ 12.00
3M Monitoring Electrode With Foam Adhesive & Sticky Gel 2228
Bulk Discount
S$ 30.24S$ 33.60
Panasonic Vrla Lead Acid Battery 12v 7.2Ah LC-V127R2NA
Bulk Discount
S$ 0.97S$ 1.21
Secfetronik M25 Nylon Cable Gland With Locknut, Ip68 Grey
S$ 3.09
Energizer Battery Aaa Without Card 4'S
Bulk Discount
S$ 2.80S$ 2.95
Fym Glacier Series
S$ 52.00
Defender Power Cassette Reel 10m X 1.25mm E86535
Bulk Discount
S$ 3.36S$ 3.95
Insulated Ring Terminal Lug/Cable Lug, 0.75mm² to 1.5mm², M3 to M6, 22-16 Awg, 50pcs
S$ 11.90
Ck 3way 13a Adaptor W/out Neon Ck8196+ck8198 Twin Pack
S$ 1.44
Kripal Upvc Trunking
S$ 0.70
Masking Tape Paper
S$ 43.95
Defender Box Reel
S$ 4.90
Masterplug Single Socket Heavy Duty Extension Lead, White, ELS13W
Bulk Discount
S$ 6.60S$ 6.95
Fym Glacier Series
S$ 5.85
Lg Galion 282402 2g 1w Switch SW-2GL.LG-
S$ 3.40
Lg Galion 282400 1g 1w Switch SW-1GL.LG-
S$ 7.90
Masterplug Double Socket Heavy Duty Extension Lead, White, ELS132W
S$ 1.90
Ccm Rack Mount Din Rail 35mm
S$ 54.00
Kocom MS-2D Intercom
S$ 16.80
Morries 3M Extension Cord 5W W/BUILT in Varistor
S$ 148.00
MVP mini License-Free 2-Way Radio Walkie Talkie (imda Approved)
S$ 18.80
Mk Electric 13a Master Compact 1 Gang Weather Proof Switch Socket Outlet