Zeca Air Hose Reels are known all over the world for their quality and technology. This is in part due to their strict conformity to the EEC rules and their CE-marked products. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of air hose reels and showcase a variety of Zeca Air Hose Reels that we have on Eezee.

Why Use Air Hose Reels?

A safe and organised workplace is important to businesses and their workers. Anybody who has some experience working in a construction site, workshop or assembly line will tell you that it is everyone’s priority to keep the workspace neat and tangle-free from tripping hazards.

When electricity cables, hear and hardware are littered across the floor, the workplace instantly becomes dangerous to its workers. A disorganised workplace is a breeding ground for fatal accidents to happen, especially when workers are required to move heavy objects around or use power tools, heavy equipment.

Keeping your air lines in check

An air line is a tube, or hose that carries compressed air supply.

The best air hose reel will put an end to common annoyances and safety hazards. We all know how frustrating it is to have your feet constantly tangled around an air line or tripping on objects when moving around the workplace. The real struggle comes when you have to slowly unfurl the air hose and then spending time to coil it back up. What a waste of time!

Ease of storage

An air hose reel offers a lot of convenience. When you are finished working with a pneumatic power tool, you will want to store away the hose that is used to supply its air pressure.

There are many ways to store away a hose, you can either laboriously coil it by hand and tuck it away somewhere on a work-shelf or you can simply just let the air hose reel retract itself back into a compact and neat roll.


Air hose reels help to prolong the usage lifespan of the hose tubings as they prevent the tubings from kinking or tangling. Furthermore, they also protect the air hoses when pneumatic tools are not in use. Thereby preventing the They also help to reduce workspace clutter and workplace accidents caused by tripping over tools or tubings.

When it comes to safety concerns, the air hose reel is an ideal way to keep walkways clear and easily navigable and to reduce the chance for an errant hose becoming caught in another piece of machinery.

By only paying out as much hose as is needed at any given time, these reels minimize the impact one workers project has on the efforts of others working in the same area. They also protect air hoses when no pneumatic tool is being used, preventing the lines from being punctured or cut, which leads to proper and safe operation and can help keep costs down as a hose will need infrequent replacement.

The Other Items Air Hose Reel Owners Need


If you are considering buying an air hose reel, then you will probably already own a decent compressor. If not, then you might be getting a bit ahead of yourself, as owning a way to deliver pressurized air without a means of producing it is illogical at best.

Fortunately, compressors are surprisingly affordable devices and are well within the price range of almost any smaller professional outfit or even the DIY home hobbyist.

Many pancake compressors will cost less than some of the high-end air hose reels to which they can be attached, in fact, yet can still produce well over 100 pounds per square inch of pressure, and will easily operate most tools such as nail guns, air ratchets, and so forth.

Air Tanks

Also worth your consideration is an air tank that can store a great deal of pressurized air. These units require a separate device to fill them with air, but once loaded they can provide enough pneumatic force for a range of applications. An air tank is a great backup device to keep your work running even if the power required to run a compressor temporarily fails.

Air Pressure Gauge

An air pressure gauge is also a wise and easily affordable device one should always have on hand when using pressurized air. Adding too much air to a tire can result in a ruptured inner tube or in a wheel that does not respond as it should when on the road; using too much air pressure with a tool can potentially result in a catastrophic failure or even an explosion. Working with pressurized air is not inherently dangerous, but using any without proper care is asking for trouble.

Pneumatic Tool Safety

Any time and anywhere you are working with or are in proximity to people using pressurized air to operate tools, you need to take a few basic safety precautions in order to ensure you are at minimal risk for injury.

First and foremost, if you are working with air-powered tools, you should have on protective goggles or impact-rated glasses.

The chance for a tool to malfunction, sending hardware like a brad nail or staple flying, is generally small, but the chances of the connection between a pneumatic tool and an air hose suddenly failing is much more common. When an air hose pops off its compressor or tool, the sudden burst of air can propel debris across a room at high speed, potentially causing injuries.

Work Gloves

Work gloves are also advisable for just the same reason; while most tools are safe when used reliably, the moment of connection or decoupling between an air hose and tool tends to release a powerful blast of air that can lead to minor but nonetheless unpleasant injuries in some circumstances.

Hearing Protection

And as many air compressors operate at sound levels rated at above 85 decibels, hearing protection may also be warranted any time you are using air tools. Note that many government agencies consider the 85 decibel threshold to be the maximum noise level to which a person can be subjected without mandatory ear protection enforcement. (In fact, most air compressors are indeed this noisy; any compressor rated at less than 75 decibels is considered quiet, though people in close proximity may scoff at this classification.)


Choosing the right Air Hose Reel

When buying a hose reel, look out for a heavy duty hose and a reel that is made of quality materials. Reels that weigh a hefty amount, are typically built with long term use in mind. For instance, They are durable and provide huge cost savings in the long run. Keep in mind that you will be using this reel for a very long time, so go ahead and invest enough to pick up a high quality piece of equipment.

ZECA Air Hose Reels

Zeca Air hose reels are suitable for transmission of air and cool water up to 20 bar pressure. It has a compact, modern and rugged design because of its high impact resistant plastic and aluminium casing. It has undergone factory durability testing for spring retraction.

Zeca air hose reels are made from high quality polyurethane hoses and are easy to install and can be placed on wall mounts or brackets with pivot. It has a rachet stop device at every 50cm.

Zeca air hose reels are bright and has a matt yellow colour finish. The air hose reels also come in optional grey colour.

Zeca Air Hose Reels can help you maintain a neat and tidy workplace while improving work safety for your workers. Especially if you have multiple air hoses running from your air compressor to a variety of tools. It will be one of the safest and most productive investment you can ever add to your workplace.


9100/6 – 6mm x 5.5 + 1M

The Zeca Air Hose Reel 9100/6 is perfect for transmitting cool water and air up to a maximum pressure of 20 bar. The product comes with a rugged, modern, and compact design, as its aluminum and plastic casing is resistant to high impact. The spring retraction feature has undergone several tests to make it ideal for factory use. Installing the air hose reel on the wall is extremely easy. The hose is made from top-grade polyurethane to improve its durability.


AM80/8  – 8mm x 9M + 1M

The Zeca Air Hose Reel AM80 allows you to circulate cool water and air, with adjustable pressure going all the way to 20 bar. Thanks to its aluminum and plastic casing with high impact resistance, the product is rugged. It comes with a rachet stop device, informing you that you used 50 cm. As durability is of utmost importance, the manufacturer used polyurethane of the highest quality. It comes with a bracket, allowing you to pivet the device according to your requirements.

AM86/10  – 10mm x 24M + 1M

The Zeca Air Hose Reel AM86/10 is what you are looking for if you want to relay cool water and air. You can increase the pressure up to 20 bar, allowing you to keep your workspace tidy and clean at all times. To ensure that the spring retraction is durable enough for factor use, it has gone through several tests. You can mount the air hose reel on the wall easily. The aluminum and plastic casing on the product can take a lot of impact due to its rugged and modern design.

AM813/8  – 8mm x 10M + 2M

With the Zeca Air Hose Reel AM813/8, you won’t find a better product to transmit cool water and air. The pressure is adjustable up to 20 bar, giving you adequate amounts of force for all types of operations. You don’t have to worry about damaging the air hose reel, due to its aluminum and plastic casing as these materials are resistant to high impact. Installing the air hose reel on the wall has never been easier with this product.


8830 – 10mm x 14M + 1M

With a modern and rugged design, the Zeca Air Hose Reel 8830 is the ideal product for every factory. With an overall pressure of 20 bar, you can use this air hose reel to relay cool water and air across the workspace. The spring retraction has undergone rigorous testing and polyurethane hose is of supreme quality, giving it the best possible lifespan.

We hope this has helped you get a better understanding of your needs and in choosing the right hose reel. If you found this informative, consider reading our write-ups on Karcher vacuum cleaners or Prestar trolleys!