Unior has made a name for itself as a industry leader in precision hand tools and hardware in general. Their signature blue handle in all their tools and products represent the mark of their quality – every one of their tools passes a rigorous quality inspection before making it into the mass market. In the bike industry, they have solidified their position in every mechanic’s toolkit and secured their trust with their unparalleled modular work bench. However, it is also a company that’s satisfied taking the backseat (Prestar, anyone?) and staying out of the limelight. Given their record of precision tools and their vast assortment of products, its about time that someone shed light on this quiet giant.

From Europe, with Love

In the quiet and unknown state of Styria, Austria, an ironworks factory was built in the 18th century. They start off creating small tools for farming and other crafts. Today, almost 100 years later, that tiny factory has persevered and grown to become a global supplier of metal tools across multiple industries. With partners in major brands such as Volkswagen and even niche brands like Ferrari, it is no doubt that their tools are up to snuff.

Unior’s sprawling factories

In the 1980s, Unior managed to extend its reach across the world, choosing Singapore as its first Asian destination to set up shop in. It was then that Unior Singapore was founded, in 1981, to act as the base to reach the Asian market. For the last 37 years, the company has been quietly pushing its products across Southeast Asia. It markets its hand tools with a very special value proposition – a middle of the pack price point for top of the line quality tools.


With this in mind, Unior has been slowly increasing its consumer recognition as more and more businesses and individuals are realising the quality of their blue handled tools. From wrenches to pneumatic tools, the brand’s extensive range of hand tools is staggering.

You’re not bringing all of these in one toolkit!

Currently situated in multiple factories in Slovenia, the brand seeks to maintain their quality and dedication to precision at every step of the manufacturing process. Rigorous quality control checks are made for every little screwdriver and wrench to ensure they come out just as expected.

Even the smallest tools get scrutinised.

From their manufacturing centre, the tools are spread far and wide across the world, gracing the shores of sunny Singapore so that local businesses may experience the mark of a quality product.


One of Unior’s key product is modular workbenches. For any mechanic worth his salt, a good workbench is essential for their work. They are used as a work surface, for safely storing tools, large and small, and for temporarily setting aside tools. Comprised of various modules, they can be adapted according to individual needs – no two workbenches are alike!

With all the tools that a mechanic would require all within easy reach, any job can be quickly completed with ease. High-quality sheet metal in the various parts of the workbench is also evident, lacquered to protect against damages. There’s no fear of these guys breaking down anytime soon. You can even install additional shelves, top elements, additional protection and even lights!

Hand Tools

While workbenches are meant for the heavy power users, maybe you don’t need such firepower.  For the average folk, having a handy wrench of screwdriver is more than enough. This is where Unior’s hand tools really shine. Their large range is surprising – from saws, brackets to pliers, every niche you can image is covered. Need a regular screwdriver? Got that. How about an industrial ruler? Right here. A universal freewheel remover? They have it.

unior hand tools
Just name it, they’ve got it.

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