In this day and age, equipment and machinery are progressing at a rapid rate to keep up with human needs. Likewise, the cleaning industry have to evolve in order to keep up. This makes using the traditional scrub and bucket method to clean your technologically-advanced 6 feet tall machinery extremely impractical. Hence, the pressure cleaner is an essential tool to invest in and removing the need for manual cleaning.

These cleaners employ an extremely high pressure rate with water, forcing dirt to be scrapped off surfaces and hard-to-reach places easily. Every pressure cleaner contains a motor in the heart of the system. This electric motor generates the pump system. To use it, the user have to connect a water hose to the device. Afterwards, water enters into the pump system and flows into the pressure gun before it is ejected at an extremely high pressure rate.

Karcher Pressure Cleaners

Now, how do you decide on what kind of pressure cleaner you need?

There are several brands of pressure cleaners available in the market to choose from. If you are looking for a change, we highly recommend Karcher – the top rated brand trusted by many around the world.

Karcher Company LogoKarcher is a German family owned company better known for their cleaning technology, products and services. Being the pioneer of pressure cleaners, Karcher is dedicated to providing the best to businesses and industries worldwide.

To many, Karcher is most renowned for their pressure cleaners and efficient cleaning technology.

Choose your Pressure cleaner

Now, how do you decide on what kind of pressure cleaner you need?

Each Karcher pressure cleaner serves a different purpose.

  • Cold Water Pressure Cleaners
  • Hot Water Pressure Cleaners
  • Ultra-high Pressure Cleaners

Cold pressure cleaners rely on water to be released at high pressures to break down dirt and impurities. These are the most conventional pressure cleaners available. These cleaners can effectively remove dirt with the high pressure rate released from the gun nozzle.

Hot pressure cleaners are useful for removing grease and disinfecting bacteria. Waste management industries employ these mainly for cleaning and disinfecting purposes.

These hot pressure cleaners are able to remove oil impurities that cold pressure cleaners cannot. However, they tend to be heavier and operates at a lower pressure than their cold water counterparts.

When conventional pressure cleaners can no longer do the job for you, you need an ultra high pressure cleaner. In this segment, Karcher’s pressure cleaners operate at a average of 500 bar as compared to the conventional maximum of 250 bar for high pressure cleaners.

These are suitable for removing the most stubborn dirt in the construction and industry.

Power Up your Pressure cleaner

Now that you have decided on your type of pressure cleaner, you will need to decide how powerful you want it to be. The main unit of measurement is Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).

A higher pressure indicate a higher power which can generate a greater water flow rate. Karcher segments their cleaners into different classes based on your desired usage.

We have consolidated the various professional pressure cleaners into 3 main categories:

  • Super Class
  • Middle Class
  • Compact Class

Super Class

If you are considering for everyday heavy duty use, then super is definitely the class for you. These cleaners are mainly for construction and industrial purposes. True to its fancy name, these super class cleaners are a must-have to help you remove stubborn dirt faced in your environment with maximum power.

By replacing the task of manually cleaning the equipment, Karcher’s pressure cleaners does the job more efficiently with greater ease and convenience for you. At the same time, it preserves and maintains your equipment life.


Previously on the Best 9 Pressure Cleaners of 2018, we introduced the HD10/25 4S is a cold-water professional pressure cleaner for heavy industrial use.

It boasts a power of 250 bar and a maximum flow of 1000 litres/hour. The upright design helps you save space and it comes with large rubber tyre wheels to aid mobility.

Utilising a high-pressure jet, the EASY!Force high pressure gun can reduce the retaining force to zero, while the EASY!Lock quick-release couplings is five times faster than conventional screw connections. For more information on EASY!Force, we explain it further in our article Everything you should know about Pressure Washers (Part 2)

Additionally, this cleaner comes with a brass cylinder head that is resistant to cleaning agents and has stainless steel pistons with ceramic sleeves to prolong its service life.


Middle Class

COLD WATER PRESSURE WASHER 7/16 4 MNext up, middle class is if you are looking for something in between. Compared to the super class, middle class is a notch down in terms of capability. However, this class is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for something to operate quickly and reliably.

The high pressure cleaner HD 7/16 – 4M is a powerful, mobile high-pressure cleaner. This cleaner is installed with 4-pole, low-speed three-phase motor, pressure switch control and many other features. Pretty neat huh?

Also, the Servo Control can easily control water flow and pressure directly on the spray gun, giving you greater control and handling of the cleaner.


Compact Class


If you are looking to try out pressure cleaners for the first time, compact class will bring you all the essentials you need.

The compact high pressure cleaner comes with all the necessities to operate the fundamentals of pressure cleaning.

For example, hot water pressure cleaner HDS 6/14C comes installed with eco!efficiency – a environmentally friendly feature without have to compromise on performance, even during prolonged periods.

By doing so, this cleaner can lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by almost 20%.

With the new “Jogger” design that focuses on large wheels and a steering roller, the HDS 6/14C also comes with an integrated tilting aid to manoeuvre obstacles easily.


Karcher for Recreational Purposes

Karcher Home Class K3.500

Looking for something outside the professional cleaners? Fret not, there is certainly something for everyone. Last but not least, Karcher has made available the home class for outdoor use.

This is the most ideal for users looking for a lightweight cleaner with an extra kick to clean their porch or backyard.

Introducing the high pressure cleaner K3.500, this is the latest addition to the Karcher’s high performance X series for your home and garden.

It is sleek and compact in design, weighing only 10.9 kg. Being energy and power efficient, it has a all-new water-cooled motor for enhanced performance and longer life. Furthermore, it is also wallet friendly to the average consumer. So this is certainly a good appliance to add to your household.



For more information on pressure cleaners, we have some tips over at Everything you should know about pressure washers (Part 1)