When it comes to using ladders in the workplace, it is vital that you use the right kind for optimal safety and efficiency. Firstly, ladders must be of the correct height for the user – neither too short nor too long. The material used is also important as it affects the sturdiness and portability of the ladder. Here is a list of different types of ladders that you can use in the workplace.

Workplace ladders and their advantages

Eezee Extension LadderExtension ladders

Extension ladders are portable variations without any form of self-support for stabilisation. Also known as straight ladders, they are the most commonly used type of ladder in warehouses and stockrooms with high shelving. Extension ladders come in two or more parts, allowing you to adjust the length according to your preference. The first section is the base, which should be firmly placed on the ground, while the second section is the fly, which is the movable and extendable part of the ladder. Extension ladders are perfect for a single user.


The advantages of extension ladders are as follows:

  • You can reach high places such as the roof and ceiling of the building with extension ladders.
  • As they are easily portable, you can carry them around the workplace and place them where required.


Eezee Folding LadderFolding ladders

As the name suggests, these are a variant of ladders where you can fold when you are not using them. You use folding ladders for small-scale tasks inside the workplace. Unlike most other types of ladders, folding ladders have large steps. Due to one-way hinges, folding ladders have smaller footprints, allowing you to store them in compact spaces.


Folding ladders have the following advantages:

  • Storage is not a problem as it is compact once folded and can be easily stowed away.
  • You can use them on uneven surfaces such as a flight of stairs.
  • As they are lightweight, they are extremely portable and convenient to use.


Multi-purpose ladders

True to its name, the multi-purpose ladders are versatile and can be used for any purpose. It can be changed and adjusted into a variety of positions according to how you want to use it. You can use them as a step ladder, low platform, workbench, and as an extension ladder. For example, if you want to reach a high section of your workplace, you can extend the multi-purpose ladder to your required height.


Below are the advantages when using a multi-purpose ladder:

  • You can use it as the single solution for all your ladder requirements as it is easily adjustable into any type of ladder.
  • It is cost effective as it eliminates the need for buying various types of ladders for different purposes.
  • It reduces space required for storage as you need only a single ladder. On top of that, you can fold multi-purpose ladders, making them compact and convenient to transport at the same time.


Eezee Platform LadderPlatform ladders

Platform ladders are non-adjustable, self-supporting ladders that have a platform at the highest step. They are intended to be used by a single person. Additionally, the handrails is able to provide the user with better support and stability while standing on the platform. These ladders also come in a variety of heights, allowing you to reach almost any specific area in your workplace.


Platform ladders have the following advantages:

  • They are extremely stable as you can use them only on level ground. As a result, both your hands will be free to carry out work whilst on the ladder.
  • Due to its stability, this also ensures the safety of the user.
  • They are comfortable for your feet, allowing you to stand on them for a long time.


Step ladders

Eezee Step LadderAnother common type of ladder you will find in every industry are step ladders. They are self-supporting, non-adjustable, portable ladders that are suitable for all workplaces. You can use step ladders in any location in your workplace as they are stable on a variety of surfaces, including uneven ones. Some step ladders even comes with wheels for extra portability and maneuverability.


There are two variants of step ladders – front step (single-side) and twin step (double-sided). The first variant allows you to climb up from only a single side. The other side is designed without rungs to support the rest of the ladder. On the other hand, twin step ladders comes with steps on both sides, allowing you to climb from either side.


The advantages of step ladders are as follows:

  • The twin step variant allows up to two persons to use the ladder simultaneously.
  • They are highly versatile as you can place them in almost any location. Due to their versatility, you can use them for nearly every task in your workplace such as cleaning windows and changing light bulbs, just to name a few.
  • They are also stable, allowing you to work with both hands.

We hope that you have learned a thing or two about the different ladders in the workplace. If you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to make, please leave them in the comments section below.

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