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The idea of change can be quite intimidating. There are so many things that you need to think about before making any decisions, like getting used to new neighbours, considering the cost of moving and, especially, the hassle of planning. Fortunately, we know what you need!

Here are ways you can freshen up your home with some upgrades.

1. Install a mezzanine floor.

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A mezzanine floor can separate the common area from your private space or serve as a general partition for anything. It works for houses and studio apartments with tall ceilings!

2. Pot filler faucets.

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Pot filler faucets are typically installed near or right above the stove. They lessen your burden of having to move a heavy pot from the sink. It can be quite hazardous if the floor is wet or greasy from cooking. You can also do your cooking mess and hassle-free by installing these.

3. Bedroom lights.

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Lighting can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Get bedside lamps that are adjustable, for those who love to read before going to bed. Install a mini chandelier to vamp things up.

4. New bathroom tiles.

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Sinks and bathtubs are hard to move around or modify. Try replacing your bathroom tiles instead! The change is very noticeable, and your bathroom would look brand new without having to move anything around.

5. Floating corner wall shelves.

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Wall corners are usually left empty, covered by a tall plant, or filled in with a misplaced chair. Save up that space for more items by installing a floating corner wall shelf. It can act as a shelf for your books, and your favourite display items.

Want to give your home these upgrades? 

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