Over the past year, Eezee has grown to be known as a one-stop shop for industrial equipment such as power tools, screws, and pumps. However, we are not simply a one-stop shop for industrial equipment, we are a one-stop shop for industrial supplies. So how do you truly leverage on the convenience that Eezee offers? Continue reading to find out more.


Vacuum Cleaners and Floor Care

Eezee Cleaning Products Tools Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Care

Eezee carries a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and floor care on our platform. My family personally uses the vacuum cleaner from Karcher because we feel that it is the most reliable and value-for-money. It is also extremely easy to compare the different products and select an ideal one with Eezee’s simple and integrated platform.


Trash and Recycling

Eezee Cleaning Products Trash and Recycling Bins Garbage Dustbin

Talking about vacuums, did you know that Eezee also offers products for trash and recycling? In this category, we have a wide array of products including trash bags and trash compactor rods. If you would like to encourage your co-workers to start recycling, what better way than to purchase some recycling bins? We also sell a variety of recycling bins, perfect for kickstarting your office’s green initiatives.


Cables and Adapters

Eezee Electrical Components Cable and Adapter Plug Extension Travel USB HDMI

Not only does Eezee sell the typical cable extensions and HDMI cables, we also sell travel adapters. This is the quintessential item in every traveller’s suitcase. At Eezee, we offer a good range of electrical consumables – from travel adapters to the standard adapters with USB ports attached, for additional battery juice for your phone.


Lifestyle Apparels

Eezee Household Products Lifestyle Apparels Base Ball Cap Safety Jogger Shoe Socks Quebee

In a truly one-stop fashion, Eezee also has lifestyle apparels for you and your family to purchase! From baseball caps to socks, you will truly be in style. My personal favourite would be the Quebee Spear Baseball Cap in black. It looks and feels like a hypebeast product, without the hefty price tag.


Home and Office Supplies

Eezee Household Products Home and Office Supplies Corner Edge Protection Weighing Scale Gold Silver Jewellery Shine Cloth

Got a toddler at home? No worries, Eezee has got your back. On our platform, we have various corner protectors to place at the edge of your tables so that your children can play safely in your home. In addition, our Home and Office Supplies section include hooks, weighing scales, dishwashing detergent, and even a gold and jewellery shine cloth!


Kitchen Appliances

Eezee Kitchen Appliances Rice Cooker Warmer Wine Cooler Glass Kettle

Eezee carries a wide range of kitchen appliances ranging from rice cookers to wine coolers. Using Eezee’s integrated search function, you would be able to compare the functions and prices of different kitchen appliances to select the one that suits you and your household the best. I am personally eyeing the Sona Glass Kettle. Not only does the kettle look #instagramworthy, it is also extremely durable and comes with a three-year warranty.


First Aid Kits

Eezee First Aid Kit Box Medical Supplies Canvas Pouch Sports Camping

It is important to invest in first aid kits in the workplace and at home. This is because not only can first aid treatment help to save lives, it can also prevent further injury and pain. Furthermore, on the Eezee platform, you will be able to find many different kinds of first aid kits for various uses. We also supply first aid kits for sports and camping, which are different from the traditional ones because of their portability and lightweight.


Medical Supplies

Eezee Medical Supplies Disposables Wooden Tongue Depressor Alcohol Swab Non-Sterile Gauze

Yes, you have read that right, Eezee also carries medical supplies on our platform. From disposable bibs to wooden tongue depressors, we can supply you with a variety of medical equipment at your convenience. In addition, you can purchase items like alcohol swabs and non-sterile gauze on Eezee if you ever run out of them in your first aid kit.


Office Supplies

Eezee Office Equipment Supplies Office Chair Steel Locker 3M Command Hook Strip

Eezee also offers a huge variety of office supplies. From office chairs to steel lockers, and even stationery. This is what truly makes Eezee a one-stop shop. My personal favourite item from the office supplies section would probably be the 3M Command Hooks. These hooks include the Command Strips, one of the most popular adhesive product from 3M, which adheres very strongly to many surfaces including paint, wood, and tile. Moreover, the strips can be removed in a damage-free manner, leaving no sticky residues or marks behind!


We hope that you have learnt more about Eezee and the various industrial supplies that we offer. Stay tuned to our other articles for upcoming activities and informational posts, curated just for you.

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