PaperOne™, a premium quality paper brand designed for the most demanding high-speed printing and copying tasks, was launched by APRIL Group on 6 May 1998.

Determined to become a clear industry leader, PaperOne™, benchmarked their home, office and commercial printing paper products against top international paper brands across all areas, including thickness, opacity and archival qualities. The moisture-proof wrappers of PaperOne™ products were meticulously designed, from the choice of colors and logo typeface to the strategic placement of product information. PaperOne™ carton boxes are created to be reusable, ergonomic and lightweight.

PaperOne™ debuted in the most demanding international markets in 1998, launching in the USA, Europe and Japan. Today, PaperOne™ is global brand  sold in more than 70 countries, delivering consistent professional printing quality with minimal environmental impact.

In recognition of its environmental stewardship, APRIL Group was awarded the PEFC Sustainable Forest Management certification in June 2015 for making products from 100% renewable fibers and sustainable sources.

Leading technology with improved results

In 2015, APRIL Group formulated ProDigi™ HD Print Technology for PaperOne™. A breakthrough innovation for the paper industry, ProDigi™ provides smudge-free printouts with vibrant colors and crisp lines, while being proven to use less ink. Based on an independent evaluation conducted by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), PaperOne™ paper saves up to 18% more ink than other paper products, enhancing color vibrancy and enabling more precise ink drops on the page. The technology also reduces ink-bleed, resulting in sharper and cleaner images.

PaperOne™  Office Paper Range

PaperOne™ All Purpose (blue) was developed to suit all printers and copiers. It features exceptional high whiteness and thickness for sharp and clear printouts.

PaperOne™ Copier (green) was engineered for problem-free, high-speed, high-volume printing for high-speed, modern copier machines. 

PaperOne™ Digital (red) was formulated for laser and digital color printers and is well suited for high-resolution, smudge-free printouts with vibrant colors and crisp lines.

ProDigi™ HD Print Technology

While you may spend a lot of time searching for the best printer or copier, it is equally important to find the best paper for your printing devices to achieve the best results.

PaperOne™ with ProDigi™ HD Print Technology delivers the best papers for your printer or copier, whether at home, in the office or in an industrial environment.

A culmination of years of technological research, PaperOne™ papers provides the highest performance from both inkjet and dry toner equipment. When you buy a PaperOne™ product enhanced with ProDigi™ HD Print Technology, what you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures ink stays on the paper surface.

When you buy a PaperOne™ product enhanced with ProDigi™ HD Print Technology, what you get is a smooth treated paper that ensures ink stays on the paper surface.

PaperOne™ paper has been proven to show more. In an independent evaluation conducted by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), the paper has shown more vibrant colour, smudge free, and crisp lines, and saves up to 18% of ink use* as compared to other uncoated paper. Images and text stand out as they should, in an impactful visual presentation.

You will notice no smudging, color wicking or other common problems. At the same time, the low abrasion on a PaperOneTM product means the wear on your printer is reduced, prolonging its lifespan.

This brings clear improvements over regular printing paper, whether you are producing a presentation to share with potential clients, or a research report for school.

With ProDigiTM HD Print Technology, PaperOneTM has a wide variety of papers that make the most impact on your audience. They are the perfect partner for the latest home, office or commercial digital printing equipment.


Discover the difference of PaperOneTM with ProDigiTM HD Print Technology against the competition.

Prodigi - Normal Paper Prodigi - PaperOne Paper

Vibrant Color

ProDigiTM HD Print Technology enhances color vibrancy by 34%, enabling sharper ink-drops, keeping the ink on the surface better than ordinary papers.

Crisp Lines

ProDigiTM HD Print Technology reduces ink-bleed by 23% hence images are sharper and lines are less ragged. It produces 17% denser blacks resulting in sharp, dark prints.

Smudge Free

ProDigiTM HD Print Technology ensures faster ink dry-time resulting in clean, sharp printouts during handling.

Saves Ink

ProDigiTM HD Print Technology saves up to 18% of ink use.

PaperOneTM Promotion

Purchase 12 cartons (60 reams) of PaperOne Copier 70gsm or PaperOne All Purpose 80gsm and receive 1 carton of PaperOne Digital 100gsm A4 free (4 reams). 

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