If you’re looking for cheaper, faster and safer delivery, then you should “Lalamove it”.

Eezee Lalamove

But what does it actually mean to “Lalamove it”? Lalamove is an on-demand courier service provider that has been wildly popular in Asia. How it works is that their platform matches users and drivers to provide same day delivery for consumers. The Lalamove way of delivery has revolutionized logistics and courier services by streamlining processes. This ensures that delivery becomes quicker and better.

How Lalamove makes a difference for Eezee

Here at Eezee, we are committed to having your orders delivered as soon as possible. As we are an online marketplace, we are not built on a single product. We have thousands of products. In fact, we have a whopping 15,000 products and counting in our catalogue. With products coming in various shapes and sizes with different dimensions and specifications, delivery becomes a challenge for us. The real question is: how do we best optimize our delivery so that each customer is able to receive courier service that is personalized, convenient and efficient?

The answer is we simply Lalamove it. Here’s why.

Eezee Lalamove Delivery



As consumers’ demands for faster and more efficient delivery are growing, next-day deliveries won’t cut it anymore. Lalamove takes delivery efficiency up a notch by offering same-day delivery. If that isn’t enough, for immediate deliveries, your items will be delivered within a record-breaking 55 minutes after the driver picks them up.

This is great for catering to customers who may have urgent orders or special requests. At Eezee, we no longer have to fuss over how to get delivery done for an urgent order. We simply arrange it on Lalamove and we instantly get satisfied customers.

Cost Savings

Deliveries can form a bulk of our costs and these are overheads that we definitely want to minimize on. Having our own delivery fleet can be costly to develop and even costlier to manage. With Lalamove’s delivery services, we are able to save on costs that could have been spent on drivers and vehicles. Other than keeping their rates reasonably priced, Lalamove manages and takes care of our delivery needs so that we don’t have to. This allows us to focus more on growing our business and keeping our customers satisfied.


Streamlining delivery processes means there is no need for paperwork or cash transactions. Everything – from keeping track of your orders to finding receipts of past transactions – is available on the Lalamove app.

Also, there is no need to go back and forth for delivery quotations, no commitment periods and no subscription services. As Lalamove works on an on-demand model, you only pay when you use their services.

This makes delivery with Lalamove cash-free, paper-free and definitely stress-free.

On-Demand and Flexibility

What we personally love about Lalamove is their on-demand service and the flexibility that they offer. Simply arrange for a delivery on the app and Lalamove will match your order with a driver in an instant. By meeting our business’ logistics demands instantaneously, Lalamove is our go-to solution for the delivery of any urgent orders. With their 24/7 door-to-door delivery, we are able get our items delivered as and when our customer wants it. This means your customers no longer have to wait for a stipulated delivery window or change their schedules just to receive their items. Whenever the customer wants, the customer gets.

What makes their on-demand service even better is that it only takes a simple click of a button on the app. This allows us to place delivery orders whenever and wherever we want to.

Furthermore, the flexibility that Lalamove offers allows you to deliver items of virtually any size and any weight. Yes, you saw that right – any size and any weight. The team at Eezee understands the pain of having to deliver an item with a courier, only to find out that there are limitations to the size and weight.

As our platform offers bulky, heavy and odd-sized items such as heavy duty trolleys, it is difficult to deliver such items. However, Lalamove allows you to choose from their wide range of vehicle options, ranging from motorcycles, cars, vans and even a 14ft lorry, to find the one that is most suitable for your item.

Managed Delivery Fleet

Without our own delivery fleet, we found it important to entrust our delivery processes to a reliable and trustworthy enterprise that will offer the best delivery for your business. In this case, Lalamove is our trusted courier partner.

With an impressive fulfillment rate of 99.5%, Lalamove ensures that your job order will be assigned to the most suitable driver within several minutes. With their ever-ready fleet of drivers, you no longer have to fret over not having your delivery orders taken up or panicking over not having the right driver to deliver your items.

The best part of Lalamove’s delivery fleet is their friendly and helpful drivers. They are not only professional and dependable, they also provide great service to your customers which is the perfect way to end off the whole customer experience.

Real-time Tracking

Worried that your item is not in its best condition when it reaches the customer? Or worried that it may somehow get lost and doesn’t end up reaching the customer? Fret not, Lalamove provides insurance coverage on the items delivered. Lalamove ensures that your items will still be in its tip-top condition when it reaches the customer.

What sets them apart from other logistics providers is their real-time tracking function. We personally love this function as we are constantly updated on our job order. With this function, you can track your driver’s location and know exactly where your item is going.

Why your business should Lalamove it

Calling all enterprise owners! Has your business ever experienced a sudden spike in orders? Anticipating an influx of orders during peak season? Or just can’t keep up with the ever-growing demand?

Here’s why your enterprise should start to Lalamove it.

Regardless of whether you run a small flower shop or whether you have a chain of stores selling furniture, Lalamove can help you take care of your delivery processes. Without having to spend a bomb on logistical costs, your business can employ the help of Lalamove to get things moving – literally.

Otherwise, you may already have an existing delivery fleet. But an influx of orders during special occasions or sales and promotion periods can be a little too overwhelming. Expanding your delivery fleet may not be the most feasible option to solve this temporary problem due to the high costs involved. Here’s the perfect solution – engage Lalamove to help you tide over the busy season and keep up with the demand.

Lalamove is the perfect delivery solutions provider to keep your costs low, efficiency high, and customers happy.

Shopping with Lalamove

Eezee Lalamove Delivery

Here’s some great news for all you techies out there – the IT SHOW 2018 is back again and Lalamove is the official partner!

If you’re thinking of snagging some of the best offers around but not wanting to lug all your loots back home, get Lalamove to do it for you. Now, you can arrange delivery for your purchases to your home on the same day. This means more shopping and less hassle!

Check out them out at Hall 405 Entrance at the IT SHOW 2018 this weekend. Happening from 15th to 18th March at Suntec City.