Have you heard about Stocky?

If you haven’t, you’ll be better off after this introduction.

Stocky may not be a name you’re familiar with now, but it is slated to become a household name in the warehouse industry soon.

This up-and-coming brand is quickly becoming synonymous with high-quality, high-performance warehouse equipment. Offering all the products you need to operate a warehouse successfully, this amazing product line is a best-in-class brand because its makers have been where all warehouse operators are. 

They know your struggles and needs like no other. They’ve dealt with issues you’ve run into. And best of all, they know what it takes to make your warehouse operations easier and more profitable.

Take a look at what makes Stocky one of the best things that’s ever hit the warehouse industry, and why you need them in your warehouse today. 

Stocky: On The Rise

Stocky Warehouse Equipment Eezee

Stocky may be new to the warehouse equipment scene, but their abilities are not to be undermined.

They are quickly becoming a common warehouse brand name in Southeast Asia markets due to their high-quality equipment, diverse products that makes work in any warehouse easier. Stocky is on its way to changing the way warehouses operate. This means being able to utilise space, labour and equipment more efficiently while reducing time and costs. 

So how did they do it?

Easy – they know the warehouse industry inside out. They’ve been through the trials you face in your warehouse each day. They understand the complications of lifting heavy loads or requiring equipment that needs to work right the first time, all the time. The brains behind this brand have taken their own warehouse experience and transformed it into solutions you need. From small drum stands to large-scale ladders or containers and everything in between, Stocky has the everything you would need for your warehousing needs.

Warehouse Equipment

Stocky has crafted the seemingly perfect product lineup for warehouses. Take a look at some of the fan favorites that are quickly becoming essential items for warehouses of all sizes.

Mesh Wire Pallets

Stocky Mesh Wire Pallet Eezee

As one of their leading products, mesh wire pallets are items no warehouse should be without. Being less expensive than plastic pallets and stronger than wood pallets, the mesh wire pallet offers a great economical solution for your material handling needs.


Steel Step Ladders

Stocky Steel Step Ladder Eezee

Their five-step and six-step steel stepladders put safety at the forefront. Additionally, the textured steps help to prevent slips and falls. The spacious upper platform gives users plenty of space to perform their tasks while offering handrails and a safety chain to prevent falls.

Ladder Trolleys

Stocy Ladder Trolley Eezee

Similar to the steel step ladders, the ladder trolleys combine the best features of portability and safety. Handrails and a large upper deck provides support and stability while ensuring the safety of the user.

Ladders are heavy duty items, but the ones by Stocky can be easily transported and maneuvered by one person to maximize your workers’ productivity and your warehouse’s efficiency.


Hydraulic Manual Stacker

Stocky Hydraulic Manual Stacker Eezee

Portable and easy to use, the hydraulic manual stacker makes heavy manual lifting a thing of the past. This piece of equipment combines the best of manual and powered maneuverability. As a result, you may see a boost in worker productivity and less time spent on manual stacking tasks.


Winch Stacker

Stocky Winch Stacker Eezee

Similar in size and function to the hydraulic manual stacker, the winch manual stacker uses a hand-operated winch to perform its work. Its ease of use and ergonomic design makes it an ideal piece in any warehouse.


Shop Crane

Stocky Shop Crane Eezee

The shop crane’s 2000-kg capacity makes it an integral component of your warehouse operations. With this equipment, you can lift heavy objects with ease. Above all, the shop crane offers a small footprint for easy storage and maneuverability.


Skid Lifter

Stocky Skid Lifter Eezee

The product line offers a few different skid lifters in multiple capacities to meet your needs. Each skid lifter’s bright color makes it hard to miss in your equipment lineup.


Pallet Truck

Stocky Pallet Truck Eezee

This warehouse essential is one of the company’s best-selling items. Their hydraulic pallet trucks come in a variety of sizes and capacities to help you move the heaviest of items from point to point with ease.

Satisfied users have commented on their smooth transportation and ease of use, making them a must-have investment for your warehouse.


Reach Stacker

Stocky Reach Stacker Eezee

Similar in look and design to a forklift, the reach stacker gives you speed and accuracy when shifting cargo. The Reach Stacker S02-RS81-13T can bear up to 1.3 tons to give you plenty of power when transporting important items.


Single and Double Drum Grippers

Stocky Drum Gripper Eezee

Whether you’re moving one drum or multiple drums from place to place, their drum grippers serve as a functional and efficient way to transport your drums without having the leave the seat of the fork truck.


Table Lifters

Stock Table Lifter Eezee

Hydraulic table lifters make it easy to give you a solid workspace whenever you need it. There are also no limits on where you can use it. Just roll the table to your ideal location and raise it to the height you need. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Also, workers are often susceptible to body pain and injuries over extended periods of heavy lifting. Such situations can be avoided when you put the table lifters to work. Thus, not only do they ease the workload of your workers, they are also able to get the lifting done quickly and safely.


Steel Trolley

Stocky Steel Trolley Eezee

Fusing durability and convenience into a single piece of steadfast equipment, the steel trolley is also a must-have in your warehouse. Steel trolleys have multiple uses in warehouse spaces, giving you the flexibility and versatility you need for any job.

Use your steel trolley for transporting small parts, heavy items, and everything in between. Their smooth wheels glide across just about any terrain, while the handle makes it easy for users to steer. You can also set brakes to the wheels to keep your trolley right where you left it.


This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of products. It should, however, demonstrate Stocky’s extensive product range as well as their dedication to providing warehouses with everything they need to run a successful business efficiently.

What Makes Stocky Products Better than Other Brands?

The biggest difference between Stocky and similar products from other brands is their commitment to improving the way you work. They are all about reducing time and effort spent without compromising on the quality of your work. They don’t simply recreate warehouse equipment staples, they carefully craft and develop machines that are sure to increase your business’ operational efficiency. 

This means you can put your new machinery and equipment to work and experience a difference in the way your warehouse operates. 

Stocky may not be a household name just yet, but their product lineup and superior quality will have you wondering why you didn’t discover them sooner.

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