1. Go to
  2. Ensure that you have an eezee account to sign in.
  3. Browse and search for products you want to quote and add them to your Cart
Click on the blue button to add product to cart.
  1. Click on Print Quotation button located at the toolbar, beside the cart icon
  1. You can download, print or send the quotation to your email
easily generate and send quotations to speed up your approval process

Editing Quotation

In the event that you have accidentally mis-quoted a product, don’t worry! 😉

Simply follow the steps below to remove or make changes to the products in the quotation:

  1. Simply remove or change the quantity of the items on the Shopping Cart page
Shopping Cart page
  1. Click on the blue Checkout button . Then click on the Print Quotation button to access the updated Quotation.