Hello and welcome to yet another article on our Eezee blog! I have been very into Do-It-Yourself (DIY) crafts ever since I have gotten some spare time off school. Not only can you customise such crafts to your own liking, it is generally a more affordable way to spice up your living space! Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce you to one of our merchants, Tiger Hand Tools, who have brought on board many quality brands from brands such Pard Tools, Orbis, and Volcano.

Eezee Hand Tools

Established in 2008, Tiger Hand Tools is the official distributor for Pard, Orbis, and Volcano hand tools. Industries such as Marine Offshore Supply, Construction, and Engineering, are common users of such products. Moreover, all products come with a warranty guaranteeing its quality, reliability, and durability. This will give you a peace of mind knowing that your purchase will be worth the money.

Although the products carried by Tiger Hand Tools meet high industry standards, we will be switching things up to see which hand tools are the most suitable for your DIY projects.


PARD 8” Insulated Bent Long Nose Pliers

The 8-inch insulated bent long nose pliers by Pard will be a great addition to your tool box! These tools are distinct from the regular pliers as they have additional characteristics. You can use this in place of tweezers due to the fine tips which will allow you to make sharp bends and angles. The 200mm length of the pliers makes it compact and easy to use. You can use this hand tool for jewellery making. The small size of the pliers gives a good grip and makes the opening of jump rings easy.

Additionally, this hand tool are made to be insulated. With a 1000-volt rating, it is designed to offer user protection against electric currents of up to 1000 volts to ensure the safety of the user. Therefore, this tool is suitable for use for electricians or if the user is working in the presence of live electrical current.


Orbis 8½” Power Cutter

You can usually use the power cutter by Orbis to cut piano wires. The power cutter has a 25-degree ergonomic head bent and a slim head for easy access, which makes it manageable to cut wires at any position. This hand tool also has an integrated spring and catch, allowing for a one-handed operation, and can save up to 50% of cutting force. The Orbis power cutter also comes with a durable middle cutter that ensures a safe and easy way to cut different types of wires. With minimalistic designs being on trend now, you can use this power cutter to create wire art pieces or stylish clothes hangers.


Volcano ⅜” Reversible Air Drill

Site locations that include the presence of wellbore fluid influxes or oil-based muds usually use air drills. You will realise that in comparison to conventional drillings, air drillings are more inexpensive and efficient. You can, therefore, use the air drills to drill holes, which is essential for many DIY projects. The Volcano Reversible Air Drill comes with an ergonomic handle design, allowing for an easier grip and support. In addition, the air drill by Volcano is also compact and lightweight, making it extremely portable and easy to use.


I hope that this post has inspired you to be more crafty! You can always find more hand tools you need for DIY and other functions on the Eezee website.


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You can find and purchase the products mentioned in this blog post on Eezee’s procurement platform.

This article was written in order to highlight our merchant and is not sponsored. Please do not hesitate to contact us here if you would like your company and/or your products to be featured.