5 Reasons Why Eezee is the Best Procurement Platform in Singapore

We know that procurement is a chore and we have a better way to do procurement. Let us share with you 5 reasons why Eezee is the best procurement platform in Singapore.

Eezee is the first business-to-business(B2B) procurement platform in Singapore that offers a secure marketplace for buyers and sellers of industrial supplies and hardware.

1. Save Time

Remember the times when you had to go to every single shop in Singapore just to find that perfect pair of safety shoes?

So do we.

While some had shoes that were of poor quality, others were out of your budget, and some shops probably didn’t have what you wanted. Because we understand the pain and frustrations of the procurement process. Therefore, we have created a solution to address it. Rather than going all over the place to gather quotations, you can now search for over thousands of industrial supplies and hardware in just a few clicks.


best procurement platform in singapore

No More Waiting for Quotations!


Eezee.sg, the leading marketplace for industrial supplies, allows you to immediately generate quotations and instantly compare multiple products with all the information you need.

Most of all, with Eezee, there is no more waiting for suppliers to send you quotations, specification sheets and etc. Since our platform contains all the information you need, you can start selecting the product listings that best fits your needs and budget. It’s as simple as that!

2. All your Industrial Supplies & Hardware in one place

With thousands of listings made available on our fully-integrated platform, be assured that you can find the industrial supplies that you need. Because we work closely with an extensive number of merchants, this allows us to keep our prices affordable while offering an impressive amount of industrial supplies and hardware. If you are unable to find a specific product on our platform, we have a dedicated team to help source for the product you need. Truly, this is what makes Eezee a gem in the B2B procurement space!


3. Quality & Transparent Pricing

Here at Eezee, we pride ourselves as being a company that provides convenience while offering quality industrial products. Our merchants do not just sell the products, rather we ensure that they sell good and authentic ones. We review every single potential supplier and choose them based on a rigorous selection process so as to ensure high quality products.

quality assurance
We understand that as buyers, you would like to know where your money goes to. You seek for the best value in products without compromising on the quality. That’s why we are introducing a transparent pricing model, so that you know where every cent is going towards. After all, you are the customer, who should be entitled to know the production costs of each item you’re buying.


4. Secure and Reliable with Escrow Payments

Eezee gives buyers a peace of mind when they purchase products from us and how do we do that?

Firstly, we vet our suppliers and ensure the reliability and the quality of their products. In addition, we also make sure that our payment options are secure and trustworthy. We have partnered with Paypal, Braintree and Xfers to provide a convenient yet secure way of paying for your purchases.

In addition, Eezee is trusted by many companies big and small here in Singapore. Take a look at some of our customers who are currently procuring from us.


eezee suppliers


5. No More Frustrations!

What if you could procure supplies without stress from one single platform?
best procurement platform in singapore

Most of all, with Eezee, you no longer have to go after multiple vendors for quotations. Instantly compare from over 10,000 products on our platform and generate quotations to fit your every procurement need.
Eezee.sg, the leading B2B marketplace for industrial supplies and hardware, lets you:
  • generate quotations for your procurement needs
  • view product information and specification
  • track your orders

best procurement platform in singapore

Finally, with all the information you need right at your fingertips, you can instantly select product listings that best fits your needs and budget.

Now, are you convinced that Eezee is the best procurement platform in Singapore?

Start Using Eezee today!


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