Pressure cleaners can be used for every cleaning situation you can think of – from construction site cleanup to washing your warehouse floors. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a first-time user, there’s a suitable pressure cleaner out there for you.

With so many options out there, choosing a suitable pressure cleaner can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best pressure cleaners in the market today.

Keep reading to learn more about these models, their respective functions as well as the features they offer to help you make the right choice.

1. Karcher 130 Bar High-Pressure Cleaner, 2200W, HD 5/11 P

Eezee Karcher 130 Bar High-Pressure Cleaner, 2200W, HD 5/11 PIf you’re looking for one of the best and most popular pressure cleaners on the market today, the Karcher 130 Bar High-Pressure Cleaner, 2200W, HD 5/11 P is one you should consider.

With this model, you’ll get professional quality pressure washing strength, but in a portable size. Easily tote this pressure cleaner up and down stairs, on steep driveways, or from one work site to another.

The Karcher 130 Bar High-Pressure Cleaner features a carry handle as well as wheels that make it easier to get into even the tightest spots. To prevent tripping hazards, all accessories can be stored on-board for easy access. It can also be operated in a vertical or horizontal position for flexibility of use.

This mid-range pressure cleaner has many of the features of more expensive models, such as the automatic pressure relief and the EASY!Force trigger gun, while still maintaining an affordable price.

Input Power 2200W
Flow Rate 490 L/h
Working Pressure 1595 PSI / 110 bar
Max Pressure 1885 PSI / 130 bar
Power rating 2.2kW
Power Cord Length 5m
Weight 20.5kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 351 x 312 x 904 mm

2. Hitachi 100 Bar Pressure Cleaner, 1400W, AW100

Eezee Hitachi 100 Bar Pressure Cleaner, 1400W, AW100At a price tag that’s less than $150, the Hitachi 100 Bar Pressure Cleaner, 1400W AW100 is great for any homeowner or first-time pressure cleaner users. Rather than spending top dollar to rent a different model every time, this pressure cleaner will meet your needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

Plus, its lightweight compact size won’t take up too much space in your home or office, making it easy to transport or store it anywhere. Despite its small size, it comes with many features such as a built-in thermal protector. This stops the motor when abnormal heat is detected.

This pressure cleaner is great for cleaning jobs of light to medium intensity.

Input Power 1400W
Flow Rate 330 L/h
Working Pressure 1015PSI / 70 bar
Max Pressure 1450PSI / 100 bar
Permissible Water Temp 40°C or less
Power Cord Length 5m
Weight 5.4kg

3. Klenco Monsoon Water Jet 404

Eezee Klenco Monsoon Water Jet 404Another great pressure cleaner is the Klenco Monsoon Water Jet 404. Although it is costlier than the previous model, it is definitely more powerful at what it does.

The Klenco Monsoon Water Jet is a heavy duty, cold water pressure cleaner designed for tackling the toughest of jobs. It features a low-pressure detergent delivery, as well as a neoprene feeding cable and a 4-pole electric motor. This makes it perfect for tough and heavy cleaning.

Whether you plan to use this pressure cleaner professionally or just to tackle multiple heavy-duty cleaning jobs, the Klenco Monsoon Water Jet is a great choice to get the job done.

Input Power 7000W
Working Pressure 2900 PSI / 200 bar
Flow Rate 900 L/h
Motor 4/1450 Pole rpm
Permissible Water Temp 40 °C or less
Power Cord Length 5m
Weight 45kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 760 x 410 x 750 mm

4. Makita 150 Bar Pressure Cleaner, 2500W, HW151

Are you looking for a pressure cleaner for both professional and personal use? Professional pressure cleaners meant for heavy-duty tasks may be too costly while the lower range pressure cleaners may not be strong enough to get the job done quickly. If you’re looking for a high-pressure cleaner but at a lower price range, then you need the Makita 150 Bar Pressure Cleaner HW151.

This model is a capable pressure cleaner at a mid-range price. The compact design makes it easy to transport from place and place, while the large operating frame makes it powerful enough to tackle high intensity cleaning jobs.

Besides its efficient cleaning performance, the Makita HW151 also features a built-in hose reel to make it easy to keep your hose from getting tangled, preventing trips and falls.

Input Power 2500W
Max Pressure 2175 PSI / 150 bar
Flow Rate 500 L/h
Permissible Water Temp 50 °C or less
Power Cord Length 10m
Weight 26.9kg

5. Karcher 5 Bar OC3 Battery High-Pressure Cleaner
Eezee Karcher 5 Bar OC3 Battery High-Pressure Cleaner

Sometimes, you may find yourself having to work at a remote location with limited access to electrical power. Other times, there may be access to power but the outlet may be out-of-reach. For this situation, a battery-operated pressure washer is what you need.

The Karcher 5 Bar OC3 Battery High-Pressure Cleaner is a simple and lightweight solution on the go. This mobile pressure cleaner that is great for outdoor use without the need for a power source.

It features a lithium-ion battery and a detachable 4-litre water tank, so you can bring your power and water with you wherever you plan to work. The Karcher 5 Bar OC3 also features an efficient, low-pressure flat stream option, making it easy to clean delicate surfaces without damaging them.

Pressure Range Low Pressure
Flow Rate 120 L/h
Battery Running Time 15 mins
Battery Charging Time 180 mins
Weight (without accessories) 2.2kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 277 x 234 x 201 mm

 6. Bosch 110 Bar Pressure Jet, 1300W

Eezee Bosch 110 Bar Pressure Jet, 1300WAnother one of the best pressure cleaners for light to medium intensity cleaning jobs is the Bosch 110 Bar Pressure Jet 1300W.

This compact and stable unit is lighter than many models of a similar size. However, it offers more cleaning power and a powerful stream for effortless cleaning.

It also works by a click-and-go system which makes it ready to use straight out of the box. This ensures a fast and easy set-up. Its ergonomic design and grip handle makes it easy to use and maneuver around, ensuring minimal strain on your back and arms.

Input Power 1300 W
Max Pressure 1595 PSI / 110 bar
Flow Rate 330 L/h
Permissible Water Temp 40 °C or less
Power Cord Length 5m
Weight (without accessories) 3.8kg

7. Karcher SC 1 Premium EU

Many reliable pressure cleaners, even those designed to be compact and portable, are still heavy and tough to wield. This makes it tough to clean hard-to-reach areas like in corners and crevices.

However, the Karcher SC 1 Premium EU proves to be a great solution to clean such areas.

Being a handheld steam cleaner, its lightweight design and frame makes it easy to carry while you work. With this unit, you won’t have to keep starting and stopping the device just to move it from one spot to the next.

In fact, this unit is so portable and handy that it is perfect for indoor use as well. Easily clean and remove lime buildup or surface stains on sinks, bathtubs and floors without damaging hard surfaces. You don’t even have to use additional chemicals to get the job done! The Kacher SC Premium EU is great for prompt and quick cleaning around the home or office.

Input Power 1200 W
Max Pressure 43 PSI / 3 bar
Flow Rate 330 L/h
Power Cord Length 4m
Weight (without accessories) 1.6kg
Dimensions (L × W × H) 321 x 127 x 186 mm

8. Nilfisk P150 High-Pressure Jet, 150 Bar

Eezee Nilfisk P150 High-Pressure Jet, 150 BarWith a quality brass pump unit and a very powerful 2900W motor, the Nilfisk P150 High-Pressure Jet 150 Bar can tackle the toughest cleaning task with ease.

It features an automatic on/off function that helps preserve the life of the unit’s pump. This particular model can handle up to 610 liters per hour, at a 150 max bar pressure. It also features onboard storage for any additional accessories that you choose to add. Set-up is also quick and easy with its click-and-clean accessory system.

Input Power 2900 W
Max Pressure 2175 PSI / 150 bar
Flow Rate 610 L/h

9. Karcher High-Pressure Cleaner HD10/25-4s

Last but not least, the Karcher High-Pressure Cleaner HD10/25-4s comes with the heaviest price tag out of all other washers on this list. However, its advanced features and capabilities are what make it one of the most powerful pressure washers in the market.

The HD10/25-4s has an impressive 250 bar operating power and a maximum throughput rate of 1000 liters per hour. This makes the high-pressure cleaner suitable for any heavy-duty cleaning tasks.

Despite its bulkiness and heavy weight, it still offers a high level of user comfort. Its adjustable push handle caters to users of varying height. Also, the easy-press trigger gun requires less effort to hold and operate. This makes it more comfortable and less straining for users.

This pressure cleaner is also built with many other impressive features. The spray lance is able to pivot through 360° while operating at full pressure. To guarantee a long service life, it has a built-in pressure switch control as well as an efficient air-water cooling system.

This highly durable machine is designed for use in any environment. Its upright position makes it easier to store and maneuver than traditional pressure cleaners. Also, the large attached wheels maximises mobility to easily navigate through tough, uneven terrain.

So if you’re looking for a pressure cleaner that is equipped to take on tough operating conditions, this is one you should get.

Input Power 9200 W
Working Pressure 435 – 3190 PSI / 30 – 220 bar
Max Pressure 3480 PSI / 240 bar
Flow Rate 610 L/h
Weight 62kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 560 x 500 x 1090 mm

Choosing the Best Pressure Cleaners for the Job

When choosing the best pressure cleaners for any given job, it’s always best to get detailed information of each model. Next, you should compare the various models and identify which specs – be it flow rate or pressure – is most important.

Our curated list features the best pressure cleaners available from hand-held, portable units to large cleaners for professional use. Choose from lightweight, low-pressure cleaner models or heavy-duty and powerful units.

Want to browse through more models of pressure washers? Check out our full selection to find the perfect one you need!