Working in industrial areas may mean exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals or situations. Thankfully, you can stay safe while giving your best shot at work with the help of some wearable safety products or personal protective equipment. We have curated a list of the most useful safety products that will protect you from any harm.

Ansell Crusader® Flex 42-474


The Crusader® Flex 42-474 is Ansell’s best-selling item and it’s no wonder why. This glove is extremely heat resistant and able to handle dry hot objects of up to 200 degrees Celcius. Furthermore, the glove can protect you from cuts and abrasion.  You can also have an enhanced grip on dry and oily surfaces with this pair of gloves. Have you ever wondered why the name of this protective hand glove is called the Crusader® Flex 42-474? Well, that is because the glove is very comfortable and flexible! The gloves are much more comfortable than other heat-resistant gloves in the market because of its sweat absorbent lining inside of the gloves.

Ansell recommends using this glove for the automotive and chemical industries but I reckon you can use it for cooking too! A person like me who is clumsy and prone to injuries would definitely find this pair of gloves useful. I wish I had known about this pair of gloves two weeks ago, before I burned my finger using a frying pan. Ouch!

Nomex Fire Retardant Orange Jacket and Pants

Nomex Fire Retardant Jacket and Pant Orange

For the workers, exposing themselves to industrial fires are extremely dangerous for them. Therefore, we would like to advise you to invest in a good quality fire resistant suit. This will help you to withstand the high heat and avoid getting hurt.

As a result, scientists have developed the Nomex® fibre which provides workers with protection against intense heat and flames. What the Nomex® fibre does is to maintain a stable barrier between fire and skin. This means that the fire retardant suit will always protect you from direct flames. In the presence of strong fire, the Nomex® fibre forms a tough, protective char which stays supple until the suit cools down. Nomex® also does not melt or drip, which makes them last three to five times longer than most flame resistant suits in the market.

To top things off, the Nomex® Fire Retardant Jacket and Pants set are softer, breathable, and more lightweight. This means on top of receiving impressive flame resistance, you can also feel comfortable in this suit.

Nitti Safety Shoe High Cut Zip Up Type 23681


If you are familiar with purchasing safety shoes, the brand ‘Nitti’ should be a familiar brand to you. Established in 1996, Nitti has made a name of itself by producing exceptional quality safety shoes that are simple, yet functional. The High Cut Zip Up Type 23681 is no different. This pair of safety shoes have a high cut of 10 inches. It also comes with a side zipper for easy wear and removal. The shoes have full length steel mid soles and are water resistant.  Your feet will feel comfortable and well-protected with the provided removable pre-moulded comfort insole.

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