How are Air Tools Different from Other Tools

Also known as pneumatic tools, air tools are tools that operate using compressed air. Unlike conventional power tools which are powered by battery or electric supply, they are powered by an air compressor. These tools have an attached by a pneumatic motor, where the powered pump mechanism forces air continually into a tank to ensure that a constant level of pressure is supplied. This helps in the conversion of compressed air. Some of the common air tools include wrenches, riveting guns, jackhammers, drills and grinders.

Advantages of Air Tools

In comparison to its electric counterparts, pneumatic tools present several advantages that makes them the ideal tools to use in the industrial environment. They are smaller, less expensive, more lightweight than traditional electrically powered tools. We will discuss in detail the top advantages of using compressed air tools below.



As mentioned above, air-powered ones utilize air compressors unlike tools with electric which use motors to function. As a result of this, air tools are significantly lighter without having a bulky motor attached. This is especially important when you are utilizing the tools for long periods of time.

Holding heavy tools while working can be strenuous and exhausting for the user. As air tools are relatively more lightweight, the user is able to have better control of the tool and thus, experience less muscle fatigue and strain. The ergonomic design and small size of air tools also allows user to have a better grip of the tool and work more efficiently.


Low cost

Air tools are cost-effective solutions due to lesser number of moving parts. As a result of this, little maintenance or repair is needed for air tools. Less maintenance also means less downtime. This equates to getting the job done faster, being more productive and ultimately, lowering costs.

Also, energy consumption of these tools can be controlled, allowing you to get energy savings. Besides low energy consumption, the initial investment of purchasing these tools are generally lower than their electric counterparts.

If you plan to use tools continuously, air tools is the best option to save on energy and maintenance costs.



Air tools are safer than electrical tools as you can use them in environments with moisture, conductive materials and even explosive and flammable substances. Such environments would be hazardous or involve high risk for electrical tools to work in.

As air tools do not use electricity to operate, even if wires gets damaged or exposed, there is little risk of fire or electrical hazards. This makes it safe for the operator to use.

Pneumatic tools are able to withstand various elements, such as dust, heat and water, better than electrical tools. These elements can cause electrical tools to deteriorate and eventually cause premature tool failure after much usage.

Furthermore, air tools run little risk for malfunctioning due to overheating, short-circuiting or electrocution, unlike electrical tools.



You can use air tools in any environment and easily bring them anywhere you need them to. Compressed air is a versatile power source as it can be stored in cylinders and carried to any worksite. Thus, these air tools can be used in remote locations, even if there is no access to electricity or a suitable power outlet.

You are also able to adjust the pressure of your air tools from high-pressure blasts to low-powered speed. This makes pneumatic tools versatile for a wide range of applications and uses.


Productivity and Power

Because of its great power-to-weight ratio, air tools are able to produce more horsepower while still being lightweight and compact. For electric tools, only 50% to 60% of power fed into the motors are converted to output power. This makes electric tools less productive and less powerful.

However, for pneumatic tools, the input power is 100% convertible into output power. Therefore, air tools deliver more torque and higher RPM (revolutions per minute), allowing users to complete their tasks efficiently.


Toku Pneumatic: A Global Leading Manufacturer

Established in 1955, Toku Pneumatic are manufacturers of world-class air tools. Since the founding of the company, their focus has always been on quality. To meet the changing requirements of the market, Toku Pneumatic continues to consistently improve their air powered products.

They also integrate the latest technology for all their air tools, so that their users are ensured quality products at the best prices. Toku Pneumatic’s manufacturing facilities have ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications for quality control and environmental standards.


Impact Wrench

Eezee Toku Pnematic Impact WrenchThe impact wrench or air wrench is a handy tool to loosen and tighten nuts and bolts. The advantage of using this tool is that little effort is required from the operator. As impact wrenches use short bursts of rotational force to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, they get the job done at a much faster pace. This, therefore, improves productivity as well.

Impact wrenches are commonly used in product assembly, maintenance of heavy equipment, automotive repair as well as construction projects.

Toku Impact Wrench MI-17M (½”)

The Toku Impact Wrench MI-17M (½”) is a great tool with excellent power-to-weight ratio, due to its balanced distribution of body and weight. You can get the perfect amount of torque and precision, due to its tease throttle. It also has a twin-hammer clutch mechanism which efficiently conveys the motor power to the avil. The ergonomically-designed handle gives the user better grip and control, reducing operator fatigue. It also features a 4-position regulator with high reverse power.

Model Wheel Size (mm) Bore Size (mm) Throttle Overall length (mm)
TAG-700 180 22 Roll 274
Free Speed (rpm) Avg. Air Cons (m3/min) Air Inlet (pt) Hose Size (in) Power (HP)
7500 0.8 3/8 1/2 1.3


Angle Grinder

Eezee Toku Pnematic Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a powerful tool that you can use for polishing, smoothing and sharpening heavyweight surfaces. It is mainly used to remove excess material or cut metal, stone or masonry. Angle grinders are a standard equipment in most construction sites and metalworking factories.

Toku Angle Grinder TAG700

The Toku Angle Grinder TAG700 is able to deliver high-power torque and material removal, due to its powerful motor and speed control governor. This angle grinder is designed for long-term and continuous usage, attributed to its high-quality and durable parts. It also keeps vibration levels to a minimum to reduce the risk of developing neurological disorders. It also comes with a diffuse exhaust silencer, which stops blowout of dust particles into the air and muffles noise. The seven-inch angle grinder is perfect for cup brushing, grinding, deburring, and cutting tasks.

Model Square Drive (in) Bolt Size (mm) Torque Range (kg.m) Max Torque (kg.m) Net Weight (kg)
MI-17M 1/2 16 25-45 R55 L60 2.5
Overall Length (mm) Free Speed (rpm) Avg. Air Cons (m3/min) Air Inlet (pt) Hose Size (in) Shank Size Length – L (mm)
179 5500 0.5 1/4 3/8



Drill Driver Chuck

Eezee Toku Pneumatic Drill Driver ChuckThe drill is a essential tool – be it at home or at the workplace. This versatile tool offers a variety of uses such as boring holes, removing small particles, counterboring, and countersinking, just to name a few. The drill comes with a chuck, which is used to hold a variety of tool heads. These tools heads allow you to perform different types of operations on a drill.

TOKU Drill MD3311B 3/8″ (10MM) Driver Chuck

The Toku Drill MD3311B 3/8″ (10MM) Driver Chuck uses linear valve, allowing you to center the tool easily for precision and accuracy. It comes with a one-step planetary gear system so that it can handle different operations efficiently. The location of the reverse valve near the grip allows you to use the tool with a single hand. It also comes with a handle exhaust for better functionality.

Model Driver Chuck (mm) Driver Chuck (in) Net Weight (kg) Overall Length (mm)
MI-3311B 10 3/8 1.1 200
Free Speed (rpm) Avg. Air Cons (m3/min) Air Inlet (pt) Hose Size (in)
2000 0.58 1/4 1/4

Information and Disclaimer

We hope that you’ve learnt more about pneumatic or air tools and how they are a great alternative to the electrical tools.

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